Saturday, April 30, 2016

Z is for Zest

I thought about saying, Z is for Zombies, figuring that's a big deal right now. ;-) But zombies don't work with my theme.

So I am finishing up the challenge with Z is for Zest. Zest as in gusto, hearty enjoyment, immense satisfaction. That's exactly the feeling you want your reader to have when he/she has read the last word on the last page of your book and put it down with a satisfied sigh. Because if your reader has that feeling of zest, he/she will be on the lookout for your next book, and the next after that.

Today's Tarot deck is The Goddess Tarot. Here are a couple of sample cards from this deck:



Card images courtesy of Aeclectic Tarot

I asked the cards what kind of element is most important in the ending to my book, and how to entice a reader into buying my next book. The card I drew was  the Nine of Staves. This card indicates a task that's almost finished. So near, and yet so far! There's still much to accomplish before I'm through. 

This tells me I need to keep the suspense going until the last scene, last paragraph. The reader must be in some doubt about whether there will be a "happily ever after" ending or not right up until the end. That will leave my readers saying "Wow! That was an awesome book! Can't wait to read her next one."

I hope you've enjoyed this series of posts about using Tarot to develop your writing. I've had fun doing it. Try the Tarot with your'll be amazed at what you get!

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