Friday, November 21, 2008

Advanced Novel, Romance Writing Workshops--save 10%

I have a couple of courses coming up that I'll be teaching for Writers Online Workshops, the online teaching division of Writer's Digest. Here are the details:

Advanced Novel Writing Workshop: Students who have completed a novel workshop now have the opportunity to continue working on their novel manuscripts with help from a published novelist and the encouragement and feedback of their peers. When you’ve completed this workshop, you will have written—and received feedback on—200 pages of your novel manuscript.

Throughout the workshop you’ll be able to participate in discussion with the instructor and the class in the Lecture Hall, and group critique sessions with other workshop members in the Critics’ Corner.

My section of this course starts December 4. For more info or to sign up, go here:

Essentials of Romance Writing Workshop: Do you yearn to write a romantic story? If so, you need to know what sets romance writing apart from other types of fiction. This course explores why romance is the same, yet different. Some essential components of romance are unique to the genre, while some romance requirements are identical to those of any good fiction story. Neither Stephen King nor Tom Clancy could sit down and write a romance unless he first familiarized himself with the specific factors that create a successful romance. This workshop will help you to understand those specific factors that make up the specialized world of romantic fiction. Weekly lessons will address critical ingredients of romance writing so that you may create a new romantic story or—if you prefer—work with a story-in-progress.

Above all, a story of romance should whisk the reader away to a different place, a different life, a different reality. This workshop will show how a romance is put together to do just that—to allow the reader to escape from mundane cares. You'll learn how the hero of an action novel differs from the hero of a romantic novel. You'll learn the tricky business of putting your hero and heroine together and keeping them together-yet-apart until the story's close. You'll learn how to create the sexual tension that will have your readers turning the pages late into the night. What conventions must be followed and what rules can be broken for readers to embrace your work? You may be surprised!

The workshop will consist of six one-week sessions. Each session will include online lectures and associated textbook reading assignments, along with a writing assignment to be submitted to the instructor for private review. In addition, work will be posted each session for group review and feedback. Throughout the workshop you will be able to participate in lecture discussion and be encouraged to take advantage of ongoing informal discussions and posted self-directed writing and creativity exercises.

My section of this course starts December 4. For more info or to sign up, go here:

And, just because you read it here on my blog, you can save 10% on either workshop by using this code: ED9A

Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Bungee Jumping for Writers, or How to Be Your Own Editor Workshop

Workshop Announcement from Writers and Readers of Distinctive Fiction, WRDF

WRDF's Online Workshop, The Tipping Point, Presents:

Bungee Jumping for Writers, or How to Be Your Own Editor

Editing for most writers is like diving off a bridge head-first with a large rubber band attached to their ankles…not a pretty sight. Join Elizabeth Delisi as she shows you a less hazardous approach to self-editing.

In this three-day workshop, Elizabeth will cover seven areas that plague most writers.

Dialogue Dos and Don'ts

Flashbacks: How and When to Use Them

Jean's Jeans: The Difference between Possessives and Plurals

Which or That?

Do Your Chapter Endings Keep the Reader Reading?

Should the Author be a Know-It-All: Choosing Your POV

Trim (the Excess Words From) Your Prose

Join us for this terrific workshop:

Date: January 12-14

Price: WRDF Members $5.00

Non-Members $12.00

(Psst! Hint: WRDF membership is free. Go here to sign up:

Payment must be received ten days prior to workshop. Limited registration, so reserve your spot early)

Paypal Available

To register or for more info, contact Lynda at

Be there or be square!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

A New Day Has Dawned

Couldn't resist this:

I do believe a new day has dawned for us and for the world.