Saturday, October 20, 2007

My Brush With Fame

Recently, I met and had my picture taken with someone famous. Someone who has girls swooning at his feet and has had for years. I'm thinking of saying, I'll never wash that cheek again (where he leaned against it for the picture). Or at the very least, I should have swooned. But what was I doing while we were having the picture snapped? Fainting? Giggling? Flirting? No. I was patting his back. Sheesh. I've been a mom too long, it was on auto-pilot.

Anyway, here's the photo and I'll give you a paragraph or two to see if you recognize him:

Any guesses?

Think 1960s...rock music...British Invasion.

Another clue: think Patrick Swayze in "Ghost" when he's trying to get Whoopie Goldberg to help him.


It's Peter Noone of Herman's Hermits!

Feel free to swoon now. :-)

My two daughters bought me tickets to see him in concert for my birthday. They came with me of course, and we had a lovely time. We had great seats, second row right in front of the stage.

Early in the concert, he noticed my younger daughter Helen singing along to one of the songs. He said to her, "You're not old enough to be here. How old are you?"

She responded, "I'm twenty-one."

He said, "Did your mum drag you here?"

She laughed and said, "No, I brought her."

Then he turned to his band and said, "People are crazy here in New Hampshire!" :-)

A couple of minutes later, he said, "Where's that twenty-one year old girl? I want to throw her a CD." So he did. Then he asked her if she had a CD player...yes. Did she have a computer?...yes. "So," he said, "make copies of this for all your friends."

He did throw CDs and t-shirts to others in the audience, but Helen definitely got the lion's share of the attention.

After the concert, he signed autographs in the lobby, and that's when Helen took my picture with him. What a great guy! Helen will definitely remember that concert all her life, as will my other daughter Heather, and me too!

Am I too old to become a groupie? ;-)