Saturday, December 26, 2009

Writing Workshops Online

Is your Christmas cash burning a hole in your pocket? Do you plan to make a New Year’s resolution to become a better writer? If so, check out the classes I have coming up at Writers Online Workshops:

Accelerated Fundamentals of Fiction Writing: starts March 11. Develop effective creative writing techniques, believable characters and compelling plots that can be applied to any long or short fiction form.

Advanced Novel Writing Workshop: starts January 14. Continue working on your novel manuscript with help and critiques from a published novelist, and the encouragement and feedback of your peers.

Essentials of Romance Writing: starts December 31. Learn what sets romance writing apart from other types of fiction including the hero and heroine, sexual tension, plot and conventions of the genre.

Focus on the Novel: starts February 25. Work with a published novelist to develop an idea suitable for a novel, develop a working outline for your novel, and write and revise the opening chapters.

Write Great Fiction: Description & Setting: starts Dec. 31. Learn how striking, yet credible, description is formed—and what such description allows you to accomplish in your own work.

For more information or to register, click on this link: . Scroll down to my name and click on the course(s) you’re interested in. Hope to see you there!