Friday, March 31, 2006

Wedding Picture

Just thought I'd post a quick little photo of my son Mike, his bride Amy, and our granddaughter, Isabel, who was the flower girl. Are they not all gorgeous (or adorable, as the case may be?

The 3,200-mile car trip with Isabel in tow was, frankly, exhausting. But looking at these pictures makes me realize it was all worth it. We finally got to meet our new daughter-in-law, and her family, and it was a chance to be back in Kansas for a bit. Thank goodness the weather behaved nicely while we were there!

So, do you have any family events planned for this spring? Spring is definitely a great time for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, births, any kind of new beginning. The crocuses are coming up in our garden and it's so lovely and warm today, nearly 70 degrees. Deep breath! Breathe in spring and renewal.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Back To Writing

I finally decided it wasn't right to spend so much time on this, my writing blog, talking about knitting. :-) So, I started a separate knitting blog. If you're a knitter and want to read about my latest projects, visit my new blog at .

I really am anxious to get moving on writing again. Lately I've been tied up with physical therapy to recover from my shoulder surgery, odds and ends still left to do from our move to New Hampshire last fall, helping our daughter and her family move here to New Hampshire and get a job, heading back to Kansas on a 3,200-mile odyssey car trip with our four year old granddaughter to my son Mike's wedding, teaching four online courses with a fifth to start next week...well, you get the idea, I've been busy.


As of today, I'm starting work again on my novella. It's for a paranormal anthology tentatively titled SHIVERS AND SCREAMS, VISIONS AND DREAMS, and the other authors in the anthology include Kim Cox, Chris Grover, Elaine Hopper, Maureen McMahon, and Sheryl Hames Torres. We do have a publisher for the anthology, DiskUs Publishing, but don't have a release date yet. Check back here regularly for the latest updates.

My story for the anthology is titled "Restless Spirit" and involves a woman who's lost her husband and son, a Ouija board, and contact with a mysterious man from the past...

Hope this tantalizes you a bit!

So, what are YOU working on as a spring project?

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Still Knitting

I'm still knitting like crazy, whenever I get time. Here's a picture of my latest completed project, a felted purse, for me this time (yes, it's drying on a radiator--we live in an old house):

I added a snap closure and a gaudy rhinestone pin, and I think it looks pretty cute if I do say so myself.

Now I'm working on a multidirectional scarf, to learn the technique. (Multidirectional knitting allows you to knit in different directions, like triangles or diamonds coming together at different angles, without cutting the yarn or sewing the shapes together. Check out a group on multidirectional knitting here:

I'm also knitting a scarf out of some really interesting yarn (Eros Glitz, check it out here: javascript:popupWindow (''). I'm making the shawl on large needles and just using the garter stitch, so the focus is on the unique yarn itself, not the pattern. I've heard this yarn has been out for years. But coming from a place where the local Walmart was my only yarn store, to a place with a wonderful REAL yarn store (The Woolery, has made me realize how much I've been missing!

And, I'm waiting for a pattern I ordered for another felted purse. Hey, this felting stuff is fun! Here's the pattern: This is a pattern by "Designs by Shelley," and I really like her other designs as well. You can check them out here: I especially like the Jester Bag, and the Flapper Bag and the Fancy Bag here:

What are you working on? What are your hobbies? Do you have a new one you're enthusiastic about, or an old one you still love? Share, share!