Thursday, June 28, 2007

Liz Needs...

I've gotten pulled into a "meme," whatever that is. Basically, you type "(your name) needs" into Google and then list the top ten things that come up. Minus, of course, all the other people listing THEIR top ten things. So I typed in "Liz needs" and hit the "go" button and here's what I got:

1) Liz needs a man!

2) Liz needs one more taste of her oozing pastry

3) Elizabeth (Smart) needs protection

4) Liz needs help

5) Agent Liz needs catchy slogan

6) Liz needs a hip display name

7) Liz needs to devise a budget and stick to it

8) Liz needs her voice back

9) Liz needs to just SPILL the truth

10) Liz needs to cry more

Hmm. They all seem kind of depressing. I think this Liz needs a psychiatrist! I like the "hip display name" one, though. ;-)

So, try it out yourself and see what you come up with. Who might inspire you to try something new, just because!


Friday, June 08, 2007

Tarot Workshop

Only a few days left to register!

Celtic Hearts Romance Writers Academy is proud to announce an upcoming online workshop for June.

Workshop Title: I Predict A New Story In Your Future: Developing Your Story With The Tarot

Presenter: Elizabeth Delisi

Date: June 15 - 30

Description: Are you looking for new ways to breathe life into your outlining process, your plots, your characters? If so, have we got the course for you! Elizabeth Delisi, a.k.a. Madame Liz, will teach you how to use the ancient art of the Tarot to develop stories, plots and subplots, heroes, heroines and villains, and more. You'll learn the history of the Tarot, how to choose a deck, how to read the cards, and how to use those readings to develop and improve your writing. There will be four lectures, four assignments to be posted to the list for all to comment on, and naturally all questions will be answered.

Outline: Lecture One: History of the Tarot, and Choosing a Deck; Lecture Two: How to Read Tarot; Lecture Three: Using Tarot to Develop A Plot; Lecture Four: Creating Characters With Tarot

About the Presenter: Elizabeth Delisi has wanted to be a writer since she was in first grade, and probably would have written in the womb if she could have convinced her mother to swallow a pencil. But life hasn't always gone the way she planned, and on her road to publication she worked as a motel maid, waitress, secretary, administrative aide, substitute teacher, and newspaper reporter.

Elizabeth's novels include a FATAL FORTUNE, first in the Lottie Baldwin paranormal mystery series; LADY OF THE TWO LANDS, a time-travel romance; and SINCE ALL IS PASSING, a suspense. She's written contemporary and paranormal romance novellas for SHIVERS AND SCREAMS, VISIONS AND DREAMS; ENCHANTED HOLIDAYS; HOLIDAY HEARTS; HOLIDAY HEARTS 2; and CUPID'S CAPERS, and has also published two short story collections, MIRROR IMAGES and PENUMBRA. In addition to her writing, Elizabeth edits for several small publishers and individuals, and teaches online writing courses for Writer's Digest. Elizabeth lives in New Hampshire with her husband, dog and cat. She enjoys hearing from her readers at and invites everyone to visit her website at

Fee: $10 CHRW members; $15 non-members. RWA Membership isn't required; anyone can take the courses. Celtic Hearts members receive 2 free workshops a year.

Where to sign up:
Please fill out the online form.

Deadline to sign up for this workshop: June 12