Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Guest Author Mary T. Bradford

Please help me welcome guest blogger, author Mary T. Bradford. Mary’s book, “My Husband’s Sin,” is available from Tirgearr Publishing. Here’s the blurb:

“In the weeks following Lillian Taylor’s burial, her four loving children assemble for the reading of her will. For the grieving youngest sibling, Lacey, life is about to come crashing down as a deep secret is revealed. The fall-out affects every member and they struggle to regain the happy family unit they once shared. Each of the four, now adult, children take the reader on a journey as they try to come to terms with and learn to handle this huge revelation.”

Liz: Sounds terrific, Mary! Tell us a little about yourself and what inspired you to become a writer?

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Mary: Well, I am Irish, married and have four children. Family is very important to me and this reflects in a lot of my writing. I enjoy crafts, particularly crochet and cross stitch. So when I take a break from writing, I am still busy with my hands, crafting some project. Like all writers, I love to read. I have a golden Labrador called Buster and a cat called The Kitten. I had open heart surgery six years ago, that was a tough time, but I have recovered well. What inspired me to write were my children when they were small toddlers. I recorded all the antics they got up to and so my writing journey began.

Liz: Tell us what My Husband’s Sin is about?

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Mary: My debut novel is centred about the Taylor family. Lacey, the youngest of the family is dealt a horrible blow at the reading of her mother’s will. She is devastated and the knock on affect on her three siblings shakes the family unit. Lacey has questions that need answering and at one stage, she must leave Ireland to search for some of the answers. Will the Taylor’s come together and unite, or do they fall apart and remain so?

Liz: If you were casting the movie version of My Husband’s Sin, who would you choose for the leading roles?

Mary: I would love the young actress, Amanda Seyfried, to play the part of Lacey in my debut novel. The solicitor, Mr. Philip Sherman, played by Jeff Bridges, then Sally by Michelle Pfeiffer and finally Robert, by Jason Stratham. The other characters, Willow and Cora, I have no idea.

Liz: Tell us about a hidden talent you have that most people don’t know about?

Mary: I enjoy public speaking. I have my CC (Competent Communicator) from Toastmasters International and I started the advanced manuals. I also represented my local club Fáilte Toastmasters in competitions. Unfortunately, I no longer have the time to participate, but I may go back to it another time.

Liz: What’s your favourite comfort food?

Mary: A nice Irish stew (lamb pieces, potatoes and vegetables in a thick soup).

Liz: If you weren’t a writer, what would you be?

Mary: I would like to have been a primary school teacher. I worked in a school as an SNA and loved the classroom setting and children.

Liz: Are you an outliner or do you write by the seat of your pants?

Mary: I suppose I am a seat of the pants type. I know the main character and the end of my stories, but anything in between, I have not got a clue. I take my chances that the story will reveal itself to me as I go along.

Liz: What’s your favourite non-writer-related website?

Mary: That would be the Crochet Crowd ( It is a fantastic site for patterns, ideas and chatting to other crafters. They have a Facebook page also that is worth checking out.

I must say a big thank you to Elizabeth for hosting me today. I really appreciate it, and loved the variety of the questions. I so enjoyed my visit to chat with you all.

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To find out more about Mary and her book, visit these links:

Thanks for visiting, Mary!

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Still Time to Register

There’s still time to register for Essentials of Romance Writing at Writer’s Digest Workshops. The course starts 8/7 and ends 9/18. For more information on what the six-week workshop covers, or to register, go here:  Hope to see you there!