Tuesday, August 09, 2005

An Adventure In Moving

The biggest news on the home front is, we'll be moving to New Hampshire in a few weeks. From Kansas, that's a big move in many ways. Obviously, it's a lot of miles. It's a huge change in terrain and scenery, and the weather will be different. (I definitely won't miss the tornados of Kansas...but will have to get used to driving in snow again.) We'll also be "downsizing," so will have some pangs as we get rid of treasured pieces of furniture.

But perhaps the worst pang is, this is the first time in twenty-four years we'll be moving without our children. They're all grown and on their own now, and I hate the thought of moving so far away from them. And my grandchildren! What good is a Nana who can't cuddle her grandchildren and give them gifts and candy and spoil them?

I'm thankful for the things we have now that we didn't when I moved out at age 18. I'll be able to keep in touch with my children via e-mail, Instant Messenger, webcam, etc. instead of simply writing letters or making an occasional long-distance call. But I had hoped to be a more regular presence in my grandchildrens' lives, and they're not old enough yet to communicate via e-mail.

At any rate, I'm a New Englander by birth, and I'm looking forward to my first beautiful New England fall in many years. We've found a tiny but lovely house (prices are much higher in New Hampshire), but there's just the two of us now, so it'll work. And I'll be closer to other family members, something to help fill the gap of leaving children and grandchildren behind.

I guess life is full of ups and downs, and mostly this move will be an "up" for us. Have you ever had to leave children or grandchildren behind in a move--or have they left you? How have you handled it?