Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Merry Christmas and Happy Tax Time!

I hope all of you who celebrate Christmas had a merry one! And those of you who celebrate other holidays at this time of year, I hope they were joyous and special.

We had a hectic but interesting holiday, since we drove eight hours on Christmas Eve day to visit my dad, then turned around and drove eight hours home on Christmas. But he would have been alone otherwise, so it was a good way to spend the holiday. Helped keep my mind off the fact that this was the first Christmas we've spent without our children (and grandchildren).

As we move forward into 2006, I know many of you will be thinking/worrying about doing your taxes. One thing that always bothers me is wondering if I've taken all the deductions I'm entitled to. The tax forms are so dang complicated! I like to think of myself as a fairly intelligent person, but I'm never quite sure I'm doing it right.

Fortunately, there are experts out there who DO know how it's done. Julian Block is one such expert. And the best thing about his books are, they're written in easy-to-understand language for the layman. Here's the info on one you might want to pick up this tax season:

TAX TIPS FOR SMALL BUSINESSES: Savvy Ways For Writers, Photographers, Artists And Other Freelancers To Trim Taxes To The Legal Minimum
“One of the best tax books, an excellent source of information. Julian Block writes in such a lively clear style that a reader might never guess that he is a tax lawyer.” --- New York Times
“One of the best personal-finance books…a handy general treatment of personal income taxes…clearly written and both wide and deep in its coverage.” --- Money
Most freelancers and other owners of small businesses lose more than necessary to the tax collectors. Individuals who have their own businesses can learn ways to make the continually changing tax laws work for them. And business owners can learn the steps they should take to reduce taxes for this year and even get a head start for future years. Tax Tips For Small Businesses is an indispensable reference that offers clear, concise, uncomplicated and immediately useful advice on how to sidestep pitfalls and take maximum advantage of frequently missed, perfectly legal opportunities that can save many thousands of dollars.
No other book for consumers is as detailed and helpful as Tax Tips For Small Businesses. In fact, publications for attorneys, accountants and financial planners are not as detailed.
Julian Block is a nationally recognized expert, syndicated columnist, former IRS special agent (criminal investigator) and attorney, and a member, and former officer, of the American Society of Journalists and Authors, the preeminent organization of nonfiction writers. He has been praised by the New York Times as a "leading tax professional" and by the Wall Street Journal as "an accomplished writer on taxes."
Reading about taxes can be just about as unpleasant as paying them. Tax Tips For Small Businesses is a welcome exception. To order a copy, send $19.95 for a postpaid copy to J. Block, 3 Washington Sq., #1-G, Larchmont, NY 10538.


So, pick it up if you want to be sure you take every exemption you're entitled to.

And to all, a very Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

It's Winter Time, Little Bear

When I was a kid, one of my favorite stories was about a little bear who didn't want to go hibernate. He wanted to play in the leaves, watch the bugs, roll around and have fun. His mother kept saying to him, "But it's winter time, Little Bear." That became a saying in our house...and now that I'm in New Hampshire, I think I'll be saying it a lot!

That said, I'm still waiting for the first real snow of the season. Well, the second...we did have a lovely snowfall on Thanksgiving, so it was a terrific white Thanksgiving day. And luckily enough, I was cooking all day and didn't have to drive in it. I like watching the snow, and walking in it, but NOT driving in it. I'm also looking forward to building a nice, cozy fire in our woodburning stove--as soon as my hubby cleans it out and checks the flue.

Winter, of course, also brings Christmas and other December holidays, and I am NEVER ready for them. This year is no exception. Well, Christmas will be skimpy anyway, since our house back in Kansas hasn't sold yet. (sigh) But I haven't even thought about cards, let alone the few presents I plan to purchase, or putting up the tree.

How about you? Are you one of those people who's so organized, your decorations are up the day after Thanksgiving, and you've bought all your Christmas presents, wrapped them, and addressed all the cards that same weekend? Or are you one of those like me who has great ambitions to be efficient *this* year, but somehow it never seems to happen?

Oh man, I have to get going on that shopping...baking those Christmas cookies...addressing those cards. My work is cut out for me.

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!

Monday, November 21, 2005

Flu Season Is Here...And What About Bird Flu?

So, it seems flu season is upon us. I haven't been able to get a flu shot--yet--so I'm washing my hands a lot and knocking on wood that I don't get sick. There was supposed to be plenty of flu vaccine this year after last year's supply debacle, but there's a monkeywrench in the works somewhere.

My daughters and grandchildren have had a stomach virus of some type, but I don't think the flu comes with intestinal symptoms. Still, that's no comfort when you're sick. They were pretty miserable, and I hope that particular virus stays away from my door!

There's a lot of talk and concern about the bird flu and the possibility of a pandemic. The way I understand it, the bird flu as it exists now isn't much of a danger, as you have to be in contact with a live bird that has the disease before you can get it. The problem is, viruses mutate frequently, and if this particular flu viruses mutates so it can be passed from person to person instead of bird to person, THAT'S when we'd get that pandemic.

The Hungarians have developed a vaccine for the current form of bird flu. They say they've tested it and it works. But the question is, if the virus mutates, would it mutate enough so a vaccine for the current form wouldn't work against the new one? If so, I assume we'd have to wait to develop a new vaccine until the mutated flu actually struck, which could mean many people would die in the meantime.

What are your thoughts on the possibility of a pandemic version of bird flu? Are you worried? Are you changing your habits because of it? Have you gotten your flu shot this year when you never did before, just in case it helps? I'd love to get your take on it.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Beautiful Fall

We've finally dried out and I'm enjoying the unseasonably warm temperatures we're having right now. The fall colors are beautiful. I've heard some people complain they aren't as vibrant as usual, there aren't as many reds as usual. But to someone having their first New England fall in many, many years, they're incredible! I wander around the house, look out each window, and every window is a picture. Gosh, I wish I could paint. I'll have to learn someday.

I was a little surprised that we only got half a dozen trick-or-treaters here. I suppose it's because of the steep hill we live on. But I enjoyed each and every one. I'm going to try to remember how to post pictures, and add a picture of my granddaughter and grandson on Halloween. I wish I'd been able to see them in person. That's the only down side of moving to New Hampshire...leaving kids and grandkids behind. Aren't they adorable? And no, I'm not prejudiced at all. ;-)

One thing I'm coping with is learning my way around a new neighborhood. After living in one place for the last ten years, it's a challenge to find new grocery stores, new doctors, new restaurants. I've never been terribly good at maps or finding my way to new places, so every time I have to do so, it's a teeth-gritting experience. I have to find my way to the airport next week, and with all the traffic, that will be a real challenge. I think I'll deserve a medal if I make it!

So what's your favorite thing about moving to a new place? What's the biggest challenge? How is your fall going...are you enjoying it?

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Rain, Rain, Go Away

New Hampshire has been beautiful up to now, and I swear I've loved every minute. But in the past few days, this "land of sunshine" has turned into Noah's Ark, Part Two. We've caught the tail end ofTropical Storm Rita, and boy, is it producing lots of water! We've gotten about six inches of rain here in the past few days, but other places in the state--not so far away--have gotten hammered. Roads and bridges washed out, houses and buildings destroyed, water undrinkable, and people dead and missing. Nothing like the aftermath of Katrina, of course--except for those who lost their cars, houses, and property. But it serves as a reminder that no place is one hundred percent safe from the ravages of Nature, or Man.

It's amazing to see how destructive water can be. Fire is intrinsically dangerous and we don't wonder when it wipes out a building. But water? This soft, cool, vitally necessary stuff that covers so much of our planet? It doesn't seem possible water could cause a bridge to collapse or a house to come crashing down.

Remember the old margarine commercials with the punch line, "It's not nice to fool Mother Nature"? I guess they weren't kidding, only it should be, "It's not smart to underestimate Mother Nature."

Anyway, how's the weather in YOUR part of the country? Are you waterlogged or bone-dry? Hot or cold? Are the leaves changing where you live, as they are here? I'm settling in for a lovely, cold, snowy New England winter for the first time in many years--if only the rain doesn't wash me away first!

Sunday, September 11, 2005

We've Arrived In The Land Of Sunshine

This move has been difficult for us in several ways. First, my husband was not only leaving a job, but also leaving a career in music and starting a career in the finance industry. Second, we were leaving a house, town and location we liked, for the unknown. And third, though not third in importance, we were leaving behind our children and grandchildren.

But there are advantages, too. I've always loved New England--I was born in Massachusetts. So I'm happy to get back here, and just in time for our first New England fall in many years. Also, my mother and sister live nearby, and my dad not too much farther, so I know I'll see them more often.

The housing market here in New Hampshire is crazy...we've ended up with half the house, with about a sixth of the land, for twice the price of what we had in Kansas. But it's a lovely house, built in 1900 so I know it must have an interesting history, and recently remodeled with loving care. It's nice to move into a place that doesn't need immediate renovation, as would everything else we looked at.

I think we knew the move was looking promising when we ate out at a Chinese restaurant a week or so before we moved. My husband's fortune said, "You are traveling to a land of sunshine." So here we are in New Hampshire, a land of sunshine...and happy to be here!

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

An Adventure In Moving

The biggest news on the home front is, we'll be moving to New Hampshire in a few weeks. From Kansas, that's a big move in many ways. Obviously, it's a lot of miles. It's a huge change in terrain and scenery, and the weather will be different. (I definitely won't miss the tornados of Kansas...but will have to get used to driving in snow again.) We'll also be "downsizing," so will have some pangs as we get rid of treasured pieces of furniture.

But perhaps the worst pang is, this is the first time in twenty-four years we'll be moving without our children. They're all grown and on their own now, and I hate the thought of moving so far away from them. And my grandchildren! What good is a Nana who can't cuddle her grandchildren and give them gifts and candy and spoil them?

I'm thankful for the things we have now that we didn't when I moved out at age 18. I'll be able to keep in touch with my children via e-mail, Instant Messenger, webcam, etc. instead of simply writing letters or making an occasional long-distance call. But I had hoped to be a more regular presence in my grandchildrens' lives, and they're not old enough yet to communicate via e-mail.

At any rate, I'm a New Englander by birth, and I'm looking forward to my first beautiful New England fall in many years. We've found a tiny but lovely house (prices are much higher in New Hampshire), but there's just the two of us now, so it'll work. And I'll be closer to other family members, something to help fill the gap of leaving children and grandchildren behind.

I guess life is full of ups and downs, and mostly this move will be an "up" for us. Have you ever had to leave children or grandchildren behind in a move--or have they left you? How have you handled it?

Monday, July 11, 2005

Summer TV Blahs

Okay, I admit it, I'm a TV addict. At least, I'm a "good TV" addict. I'm not the type who will watch infomercials, or that Christmas station that just shows a yule log burning for days. What I watch has to be GOOD. But if it is, I'm there.

This past year has been agony and ecstasy for me with television. You want the good news or the bad news first? Okay, let's get the bad over with. THEY CANCELLED "ENTERPRISE"! In some ways, that was my dream Star Trek show. Okay, in one way: Scott Bakula. I've loved whatever he's done since the days of "Quantum Leap," so to me he was the perfect choice for a starship captain...intelligent, thoughtful, kind, and of course, good looking. I actually wrote a letter to UPN asking them not to cancel it. They did write me a nice letter in return, but darn it, that wasn't the result I was aiming for. ;-)

Now, the good news: LOST and DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES. I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed these two new shows. The only fly in the ointment is that my husband won't watch them with me, so I have to try to catch them when he's not around, or remember to set the VCR. And with my memory...let's just say, remembering to tape doesn't happen often. I've been a big fan of "disaster flicks" since the prime one, to me anyway: AIRPORT. Now, you wouldn't get me on a real plane...panic attacks, not a pretty sight. But show me AIRPORT and I'm there. So LOST had me from the first episode. And DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES is a fantastic cross between The Stepford Wives and General Hospital. I just love it!

But then the summer comes, and it's all reruns or really strange shows that didn't make it during the rest of the year. What's a TV addict to do?

Well, one idea is to watch movies on video or DVD. We've discovered that our local library loans out (free!) videos and DVDs, and they have a pretty wide selection. Of course, some of the movies we have less interest in than others (Fly Fishing in Ten Easy Lessons!). But we've "rented" lots of great old B&W movies and had a blast.

Sometimes, though, we don't have time to run to the library, so we're back to what's available on the airwaves. One TV phenomenon I've never understood is the reality show. I am as confirmed a reality show-hater as you're going to find. I can't see how plopping an odd assortment of people down on an island and making them eat bugs and vote each other off is anywhere close to reality. Puh-leeze. LOST is a lot closer to reality than those survivor shows. ;-)

But this summer I've found a "reality show" that actually works for me. Care to take a guess which one?

[Imagine the Jeopardy theme music playing]

Time's up! Nope, you're wrong, it's not Superbabysitter, or Who Has the Worst Hair. It's Dancing With the Stars!

No, really. I've always enjoyed watching ballroom dancing...it looks so elegant, so much fun. But I know I'd never be able to do it. I have about five left feet. :-) So this series combined the best of both...the elegance of ballroom dancing, with the angst of watching someone trying, and sometimes failing, to master the steps. This is one reality show I'd watch if they bring it back next year.

So, enough blathering from me. What are YOU watching on TV this summer? Or are you giving the tube a break entirely? What else have you got planned?

Monday, July 04, 2005

Happy Fourth of July!

I want to wish all my American friends and family a Happy Fourth of July. I'm looking forward to the fireworks tonight...in that respect, I've never grown up. ;-) But tonight there will be three generations watching the show together...my husband and me, our oldest daughter, and our two grandchildren. Everyone else is working or occupied elsewhere, which is unfortunate...but I guess someone has to "run things" while the rest of us are off partying!

Of course, there's always a chance the fireworks will be rained out. I just hope Mother Nature will hold off on *her* fireworks until we've finished with ours.

Sometime this month we'll officially become "empty nesters." Our younger daughter moved out last month, and our son is moving out this month. In general, we're looking forward to it--the privacy, the quiet, the reasonable hot water and electricity consumption. ;-) But, I know I'll miss being a daily part of their lives. How many of you are empty nesters now? How have you dealt with it? Any tips to pass on?

Have a great holiday!

Monday, May 30, 2005

Liz's Bad Luck Spring

This spring has been unusually eventful, and mostly not in a pleasant way. Our dog, Max, has been ill since early April with what was eventually diagnosed as a very rare tick-borne disease, only the 5th case they've seen in the state. (Naturally, Max has to choose the RARE disease, instead of the easily-cured-and-cheap-to-fix disease.) And now he's on his second round of hospitalization at the veterinary hospital on the other side of the state for a new, unrelated problem--something blocking his throat so he can't swallow. The vet bills are mounting quite high, and we're wondering how much higher they can go before we're totally broke.

In addition to Max's woes, our water heater broke and had to be replaced; the sprinkler system needed repair work on virtually every sprinkler head; we had to have the septic tank pumped out; the main water pipe leading into our property was leaking and had to be repaired; the water softener quit working. And perhaps worst of all, my husband's knee is troubling him so much that he had to cancel his long-awaited two-month bike trip. You can imagine how happy that makes him. Hah!

I've also heard similar stories of multiple woes from many friends and family members. It's as if the whole planet is having an entire month of Friday the Thirteenths.

So my question is this: what the heck is going on?!?

Tell me about YOUR weird spring...or if your spring has been entirely pleasant and normal, tell me that too, so I'll know there's hope! ;-)

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Fatal Fortune is Available Now!

FATAL FORTUNE, the first book in my Lottie Baldwin mystery series, is available now from New Age Dimensions. Here's the blurb:

No one in Cheyenne, North Dakota believes in Lottie Baldwin’s psychic abilities; especially not Harlan Erikson, sergeant in the sheriff’s office. Harlan is willing to take Lottie’s love, but as far as her Tarot readings go–well, he prefers to play it by the book.

When the husband of Lottie’s best friend Janet disappears, Lottie can’t sit on her hands while the official investigation grinds slowly along. Armed with her courage, her insight and her Tarot deck, Lottie sets out to solve the mystery herself, regardless of who tries to stop her: Janet, Harlan–or the criminal.

To read an excerpt from FATAL FORTUNE, or to buy your own copy, go

So, what books have you read lately, and what did you think of them? Any raves? Any pans?


Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Fellow Romance Author Needs Help

A friend and superb writer, Deb Stover, is in a very difficult situation right now and could use help from anyone who feels moved to do so. Below is the official announcement--please feel free to spread it to anyone you think would be interested. Thanks! ~~Liz

***Feel free to forward***

Deb Stover, romance author, knows adversity. Though she married her true love at a young age and they have three wonderful children, she's endured one sucker punch after another over the past three years. Leaving her friends in Colorado behind, she moved to Oregon when her husband, Dave, received a new job. However, soon after settling in, Dave was laid off and even worse, the cancer he'd successfully battled in Colorado returned with a vengeance. On top of that, Deb's health deteriorated and baffled doctors in their attempts to figure out why. A month ago Deb and her family moved to Oklahoma, where Dave felt he could better support his family on his limited income.

But the time they thought they had together evaporated. Dave has been given only a few weeks to live. He wishes to be buried in Colorado and Deb wants to return to her friends in that state. However, money is extremely tight and besides the devastation of losing her soul mate, Deb has limited physical strength. In order to help out, her critique group, The Wyrd Sisters, are asking for your help in raising money to help defray funeral expenses and move Deb and her family to Colorado.

Any amount you can donate--even a dollar--will be greatly appreciated. A PayPal account has been set up for those who wish to use a credit card. Send donations through PayPal to DebHelp@noveltalk.com. Or if you prefer to send a check, make it out to Pam McCutcheon and send to:

Help Deb Stover
c/o NovelTalk
5975 N Academy Blvd.
Suite 105
Colorado Springs, CO 80918
United States

Thank you so much for your help in this heart-breaking situation.

The Wyrd Sisters:
Karen Fox, Paula Gill, Laura Hayden, Von Jocks, Pam McCutcheon, Angel Smits,Maureen Webster.

Saturday, April 02, 2005

New Cover Art For Two Books

I've just posted the new cover art for FATAL FORTUNE, coming out soon from New Age Dimensions Publishing, and the new cover art for LADY OF THE TWO LANDS, coming out May 1 from Amber Quill Press. I hope you enjoy it, because it always takes me so long to figure out how to post pictures! Maybe one day I'll retain the knowledge from the last time. ;-)

I think they both came out wonderfully. Cover art time is always scary, because it can make or break a book. After all, let's be honest--if you go to a bookstore and see a book with truly dreadful cover art, you're not going to pick it up anyway and read the back, are you? The odds are, you'll just pass it by. We're not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but we do.

So, let me know how you like my new cover art, and if it would make you pick up the book and at least read the back cover description of the plot. I'll be posting more info about both releases on my website soon at www.elizabethdelisi.com.


Here's the terrific new cover art for LADY OF THE TWO LANDS, with Hatshepsut's temple in front. Isn't it gorgeous?
Posted by Elizabeth Delisi

Here's the fabulous new cover art for FATAL FORTUNE! What do you think?
Posted by Elizabeth Delisi

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Winter...or Spring?

Is it spring where you are, or winter? This past week, the daffodils here have begun blooming, and there are blossoms on some of the trees. Yet north of Kansas--AND south of Kansas--there have been big snowstorms this week with feet, not inches, of snow.

This time of year, poised between winter and spring, always reminds me of one of my favorite quotes. It's from "The Robe" by Lloyd C. Douglas:

"The birds had awakened her early. She was not yet used to their flutterings and twitterings, for they had returned much sooner than usual, Spring having arrived and unpacked before February's lease was up."

I can imagine Spring arriving at the front desk, the desk clerk saying, "I'm sorry, your room isn't ready yet--Winter hasn't checked out." Then Spring goes up and pounds on the door, saying, "Winter, go home! Your time is up! It's MY room now."

Okay, that's a little whimsical, but I feel whimsical when the flowers start to bloom, the air gets warmer, the birds' colors get brighter and they chirp night and day.

Are you still stuck in winter, or has spring knocked down the door and barged in where you are? And while we're talking about seasons, what's your favorite and why?


Thursday, February 24, 2005

New Home for the Lottie Baldwin Mystery Series

More good news on the publishing front! I've signed a contract with New Age Dimensions to publish my Lottie Baldwin Mystery series. First out will be FATAL FORTUNE in e-book, and that should be sometime within the next couple of months. Then will come FATAL FORTUNE and PERILOUS PREDICTION (a novella-length sequel to FATAL FORTUNE) in a paperback mystery duo, and finally DEADLY DESTINY (sequel to PERILOUS PREDICTION) in paper and e-book.

Check out New Age Dimensions here: New Age Dimensions Independent Publisher and see all the fabulous books they have to offer. And check back here often for more news on precise release dates! You can also keep your eye on my website, Elizabeth Delisi, Author and Editor, as I'll post cover art and other info there as soon as it's available.

Back to work now but just had to share the good news!


Monday, February 21, 2005

It's Not Unusual...

...to find me rocking around the house these days to my new "Greatest Hits of Tom Jones" CD. I've always enjoyed his music...heck, I know I'm dating myself, but I used to watch his variety show on TV when I was a kid, and I loved it. But for some reason, I've never gotten around to purchasing any of his albums.

Frankly, I don't know what took me so long! I'm really enjoying this CD. Not only is Tom Jones a terrific, accomplished singer, but also I love the music. It's so sixties...so campy...so much fun! I read in the album liner that Tom Jones was Elvis's favorite singer, and I can believe it. If you want to have a lot of retro fun...or just want to enjoy listening to a terrific singer...check out this CD!

I'm going through a retro period in general. My latest song/CD purchases have been things like "Little Red Riding Hood" by Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs; "Secret Agent Man" by Johnny Rivers; and "Greatest Hits of the Guess Who." Either I'm right in style with the latest fashion, or else I'm going through my second childhood! But in any case, I'm having a lot of fun.

What's YOUR latest CD purchase? Who are your favorite singers/bands and why?


Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Another beautiful frost picture. Just can't resist sharing them!
Posted by Elizabeth Delisi

Friday, January 28, 2005


It's official...I've signed a contract with Amber Quill Press to publish my time-travel romance set in ancient Egypt, LADY OF THE TWO LANDS. I'm so excited!

LADY was originally published with NovelBooks, and they did a great job...but unfortunately, they've gone under. I'd really like LADY to have a better chance at selling, so I'm delighted it has a new home. Should be released on or around May 1; more updates here when available.

To check out Amber Quill Press's other great books, go here: http://www.amberquill.com

Still searching for publishers for my other books and books-to-be. Will keep you posted right here when there's any news.

So, what's your news? How is 2005 treating you so far?


Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Jack Frost's Artwork, Jan. 15, 2005
Posted by Elizabeth Delisi

Okay, I've Had My Fill Of Snow...

Since I posted the last picture of our big snowstorm (which WAS big--for Western Kansas standards, anyway) we've had unrelenting cold weather, with many days in the single digits and many nights below zero. Our (dirt) road is a solid sheet of ice, as is our yard and every parking lot to every store and doctor's office in town. It's been beautiful...and as proof of that, I think I'll try my hand at posting a picture of a lovely picture Jack Frost painted on my office window a few days ago. But I'm ready for it to melt, so I can stop shuffling around like an old lady, afraid to fall and break a bone or three! Fortunately, the weather man predicts warmer temps for the next few days, so I hope that'll do the trick.

There sure has been a lot of weird weather all over the world this year. That awful tsunami...I hope you all have made a donation to tsunami relief?...then the avalanches, mudslides, etc. What the heck is going on? Somebody is asleep at the weather controls.

So what's going on, weather-wise or anything else you'd like to comment on, in your neck of the woods?


Thursday, January 06, 2005

Our big snowstorm! 1-5-05
Posted by Elizabeth Delisi

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Winter has finally hit western Kansas, with full force. After two days of sleet and freezing rain, leaving about half an inch of ice on every surface, the snow began. What we've ended up with is about 3-4" of snow over the ice, and sub-zero temperatures. The high today never got out of the teens, and currently (11 p.m.), my thermometer shows it's a balmy -2 degrees outside. Brrr! I walked up to the end of the street for the mail, and by the time I got back, my hands were in terrible pain--even with gloves on and my hands in my pockets.

Across the state, there are 83,000 people without electricity, due to ice buildup breaking power lines, and knocking tree limbs onto power lines. They say some folks will be without power for 7-10 days. I'm so thankful we didn't lose power here. We do have a woodburning stove, so we could stay warm for a while...but the septic pump goes out with no electricity, and you know what that means.

It sure is pretty out there, though, with all the snow and ice. Just too bad it didn't happen in time for a white Christmas!

So, how were your holidays? Did you stay up till midnight on New Year's Eve to see in 2005? Here's hoping it will be a happier, healthier, and more peaceful year for all.