Thursday, January 06, 2005

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Winter has finally hit western Kansas, with full force. After two days of sleet and freezing rain, leaving about half an inch of ice on every surface, the snow began. What we've ended up with is about 3-4" of snow over the ice, and sub-zero temperatures. The high today never got out of the teens, and currently (11 p.m.), my thermometer shows it's a balmy -2 degrees outside. Brrr! I walked up to the end of the street for the mail, and by the time I got back, my hands were in terrible pain--even with gloves on and my hands in my pockets.

Across the state, there are 83,000 people without electricity, due to ice buildup breaking power lines, and knocking tree limbs onto power lines. They say some folks will be without power for 7-10 days. I'm so thankful we didn't lose power here. We do have a woodburning stove, so we could stay warm for a while...but the septic pump goes out with no electricity, and you know what that means.

It sure is pretty out there, though, with all the snow and ice. Just too bad it didn't happen in time for a white Christmas!

So, how were your holidays? Did you stay up till midnight on New Year's Eve to see in 2005? Here's hoping it will be a happier, healthier, and more peaceful year for all.


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