Wednesday, April 27, 2016

W is for Wants and Desires

I've decided W stands for wants and other words, Goals.

Your characters must have goals they are working toward. They can't just sit around watching life go by. They must want something, and be willing to do whatever it takes to get it. The tension and excitement comes in when one character's goal doesn't mesh with another character's goal.

Your villain must have goals also, just as the hero and heroine do. Even secondary characters should have goals, though not as prominent as the more important characters.

Today's Tarot deck is the Ramses: Tarot of Eternity deck. Here are a couple of cards from this deck.



I asked what goals my heroine was working toward, especially those that could come in conflict with either the hero's goals or the villain's. The card I drew is the Seven of Wands.  The card is about protecting one's rights or material goods. There is a possibility of theft or fraud. Since the heroine is a real estate rep, as per A is for Action and G is for Genre, she is worried about some type of fraud. Perhaps on the part of her employer, or someone who's selling his/her home or purchasing one. It may be that she wants to avoid blame, but someone is framing her. Perhaps the hero is the law enforcement guy who is investigating. That should provide some good conflict between the two!


Susanne Matthews said...

Great post. Wants and needs are definitely essential for all characters. Thankd for sharing. Dropping by from the A to Z Challenge.

Elizabeth Delisi said...

Thanks, Susanne. I'd have put this one closer to the A's if we weren't going alphabetically, as you definitely need to know this about your characters up front.