Friday, April 29, 2016

Y is for You're in Charge

As we approach the end of the A-Z Challenge, the letter Y reminds us that YOU are in charge of your writing. You may have heard lots of rules, telling you never to do this, and always do that. And in general, those "rules" are there because they work well.

But...for every rule, there's an exception. Or a rule-breaker! If you've written a passage, chapter or book and are being told to change things, think hard and long. If you read what the experts say and still feel your rule-breaker works, then go with it. That's how stand-out stories come about!

Today's Tarot deck is The Tarot of Durer. Here are a couple of sample card images:


Images courtesy of Aeclectic Tarot

I asked which aspect of my story is most likely to benefit from bending, if not breaking, a rule or two. The card I drew is the Six of Wands. It indicates the part of the book where the hero/heroine is about to succeed in overcoming their difficulties and reaching their goals. Perhaps the method of success is different than usual; or maybe the choice of partner or companion. In any case, the road to success should be paved with broken rules!

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