Tuesday, April 26, 2016

V is for Villain

We've done a post on the hero and heroine of your book. Now it's time to take a look at the villain.

There are many kinds of villains, ranging from an accidental villain who simply falls in with the wrong crowd, to the amoral sociopath who lets nothing get in his way.

How do you choose the villain for your story? In general, the anxiety level the villain causes should match the tone of your story. You don't want that sociopath in a romantic comedy; nor do you want the accidental teen villain in a gritty murder mystery. You also need to be sure your heroine and hero are able to take on the villain and eventually succeed against him/her, though it may be quite difficult. Thus they must be fairly closely matched in intelligence.

Today's deck is the Prediction Tarot. This was the first tarot deck I ever bought, and though it wasn't the best choice for a beginner, I have fond feelings about it. Here are a couple of sample cards from the deck.


Images courtesy of Aeclectic Tarot

I asked what the villain in my work in progress should be like. The card I drew is the Two of Coins. This card indicates to me the villain has gone through a recent breakup, either at work or at home. This person has no ability to deal with the situation, no patience, and thus strikes out at everyone, taking his/her rage out on whomever crosses his/her path. What's your villain like?


Andrea said...

That villain sounds pretty rough to deal with. ;)

Elizabeth Delisi said...

LOL! Thanks, Andrea. It's a start!