Wednesday, April 08, 2015

G is for Giraffe

If you ask most people, “What’s your favorite animal?” they’ll say “dog” or “cat.” If you specify, “What wild animal is your favorite?” they’re likely to say, “lion” or “tiger” or “bear.” These animals are beautiful, majestic, and commonly seen in all types of media. “Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!” as Dorothy would say.

Ever since I can remember, my favorite wild animal is the giraffe. Don’t ask me why. They’re tall, ungainly animals with a long neck and long legs, and when they run, they look like they’ll fall over at any moment.

Drinking means an awkward spreading and bending of the legs and neck, in order to reach the water.

Although giraffes look awkward, they can be fierce when threatened, like this one who tried to attack a safari jeep: 

But giraffes, like most animals, can learn to get along and feel comfortable with humans. Check out this giraffe who was abandoned as a baby and now lives with humans: 

One of my most treasured memories is when we visited the giraffes at the Garden City (Kansas) Zoo. A female giraffe came over to the fence, reached her long neck over and lowered her head just a smidgen. She allowed me to touch her nose…it felt like warm velvet. Then she strode away, but she left me with an encounter I’ll always remember.

Now I see now they have “Giraffe Encounters” at the zoo: Oh my! I would so love to visit there now.

Do you have any wildlife encounters to share?


Michele at Angels Bark said...

Oh I think giraffes are so incredibly beautiful! They are graceful beings. I didn't realize their necks weighed 500 pounds. Wowsa! And I love that you posted the video of the giraffe getting a drink of water. So cute!
Glad to have found you today. Happy A-Zing...
Michele at Angels Bark

Elizabeth Delisi said...

They're gorgeous creatures, aren't they? Thanks for visiting. This A-Z is getting tough. ;-)

Arlee Bird said...

Giraffes are amazing animals. I've been to the Garden City Zoo back in the late '70's or early '80's. I don't remember seeing an giraffes, but I found it interesting that a zoo would be there.

Arlee Bird
A to Z Challenge Co-host
Tossing It Out

Elizabeth Delisi said...

There were a number of zoos in Kansas. I think the original giraffes may have been in the Great Bend Zoo, but apparently they don't have them any longer. There was an awesome new zoo/wild animal park in Salina, the Rolling Hills Zoo, and they have giraffes, and the animals are in wonderful, large areas.

Kim Cox said...

It's strange, but the only animal encounter I've had was with a dog even with all the bears roaming around my neighborhood. I see them from a distance, but never get close.

I once saw a mother bear with three cubs. Our neighbors across the road were pretty new to the neighborhood. They thought it would be a good idea to put their trash out the day before trash day. The mother bear, while her cubs played in a tree behind my brother-in-law's house, proceeded to remove the lid and rummage through the contents, making a mess by scattering everything all over their yard and the road.

I've seen the giraffes at zoos and thought they were magnificently beautiful and graceful creatures for their size. I also love looking into the gorgeous eyes of the mountain lion or cougar.

Elizabeth Delisi said...

LOL! Yeah, trash cans and bears do NOT go together.