Saturday, April 04, 2015

D is for Duh

I’m not sure what I originally planned for the “D” entry on my blog. But now it can only mean one thing: disaster. Not a major disaster, but one that gets on your last nerve and plucks it like a guitar string.

I did a big grocery shopping on Thursday, in preparation for baking for Easter. Got everything I had on my list. So I was all set…or so I thought.

Duh. Just when you dare to think everything is perfect, Fate knocks you down like a bowling pin.

I made cookies Friday, and noted we were low on flour and sugar; so I put them on the start of a new grocery list. I made a cake this morning, and there were plenty of ingredients.

Then, while I <a.k.a. the Easter Bunny> was coloring eggs, my husband started on his famous cinnamon rolls. Pretty soon he walks over to the pantry cupboard, opens it, looks around. He squints, shuffles boxes and cans, looks again. Then he says, “Don’t tell me there’s no more flour?”

Flour? My mouth drops open. My brain refuses to work. I stammer, “Isn’t there enough left in the cannister?”

He answered in a deadly quiet voice: “No.”


I offered to go fetch some, but he declined. I think he needed a few minutes in the fresh air to remember it was only a bag of flour we needed, and put things in perspective.

Luckily, the nearby convenience store had flour…at an exorbitant price, but they had it. Had they not stocked it, the next nearest grocery store is 12 miles away. And then the title of this blog post would have been, “D is for Debacle.” :-D

Happy Easter to those who celebrate it and a lovely weekend to all!


Liz Brownlee said...

Happy Easter! Thank goodness for local stores, eh? We live in an English village, about the same distance from other shops. Luckily, it's not exorbitant. We're off out to hear a friend play in an orchestra for an Easter celebration with children's easter egg hunts etc, in a park in the city nearest. We don't celebrate Easter as such, just for the chocolate... ~Liz

Elizabeth Delisi said...

Hope you enjoyed the concert...and of course, the chocolate! Thanks for stopping by.

Kim Cox said...

Been there, done that, Elizabeth! What did we do before convenience stores? Still, the closest convenience store to my house is at least 5 miles away, living in a rural area.

Happy Easter! I hope you're having a wonderful day.

Elizabeth Delisi said...

Technically, I guess it's a market, not a convenience store. From the look of it outside, I wouldn't set foot in it without a police guard. ;-) But it had the flour, so I can't complain.