Tuesday, April 28, 2015

X is for Xerus

There aren’t many words that start with X. Lots of words SOUND like they start with X, but really, they start with EX. Nevertheless, I’m determined to find an X word!

Unfortunately, a lot of them are things like this:

Xylan, noun.

1. the pentosan occurring in woody tissue that hydrolyzes to xylose: used as a source of furfural.

Got that? <eye roll>

So my first consideration is that the X word start with X, not EX, and the second consideration is that the word be understandable by the average person.

The third consideration was to avoid the most common X words, like xylophone.

Finally, I came across something that fit my “rules,” that made me pause and then do a Google search. The new X word had the biggest cuteness factor of any X word, and the only one I’d want to see in person!


An African ground squirrel of the genus Xerus, having spiny fur, very short ears, and a long tail, and including the species X. rutilus of northeastern Africa and X. erythropus of western and central Africa.

Sooooo cute! So that’s my new X word, Xerus.

You all can go with Xylan if you want; just don’t expect me to explain the definition to you.


Melissa Sugar said...

A great big applause for your effort and for actually finding a topic - word that begins with the letter "X." I've always cheated on this letter and done an article on something like Crazy -ex spouses. The xerus is adorable . Love the photo. I hope to get my letter X posted before midnight .

Elizabeth Delisi said...

Thanks, Melissa! It took a lot of searching through crossword puzzle lists of obscure "X" words. ;-)

Good luck with your X post!