Friday, April 03, 2015

C is for Crocus

If someone asks me in late spring, “What’s your favorite flower?” I’d say “Lilac.” Gorgeous purple flowers, and a scent so heavenly, you want to wrap yourself in it.

If asked in summer what my favorite flower is, I’d have to respond, “Iris.” They are so unusual-looking, with curled petals and spots of velvet, not to mention the plethora of colors.

In fall, my favorite flower would be the chrysanthemum. They look like summer giving one last blast before fall freezes end the growing season for another year.

But if you asked me in winter, “What is your favorite flower?” I’d have to respond with the lowly crocus. It’s small but brave, the first flower to poke its head through the barely unfrozen earth, opening its pretty petals to the weak, almost-spring sun. It gives me hope every year: that spring will come, and everything will be all right.

IMG_0425 (2) IMG_0426

Happy spring, everyone!


Kim Cox said...

My favorite flower is Lily of the Valley - has the best fragrance. They just don't stay around long enough.

Elizabeth Delisi said...

Oh, I love that scent also. Although my favorite flower scent is gardenia! What a heady, lovely bouquet.