Sunday, October 24, 2004

Day Two New Blog

A new day has dawned for Liz's blog! Or something like that. So I'm going on blog-watch again, to see how long it takes before someone responds. Last time I finally got a response around day nine...and then, just when people were starting to respond, my dang computer lost everything (thanks to faulty tech support advice). long last, I'm starting over.

It's a lovely fall day today. Leaves turning (though we don't get scarlet like in New England, and I miss that) and about 58 degrees. I love this kind of weather, and now I can enjoy it fully because I don't have to associate "fall" with "going back to school." I work on my writing, teaching and editing at home, so I'm free to enjoy the beauties of each season for their own sake.

What about you? What's your favorite season and why? Do you have a least favorite season? Do you associate seasons with holidays, with events (like back to school), with weather patterns, or something else?


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