Monday, October 25, 2004

Day Three, Still Getting the Details Right

I've fooled around with the settings of this blog a bit more. I feel pretty proud that I managed to add a LINKS section, over on the right. It only lists my own website right now...but it's a start! I've also been advised it's not wise to let "anyone" post, so I've changed the settings. Hope that doesn't keep anyone from posting though as I'm anxious to hear your comments!

Today is Monday, a "back to work" day for most. I know Mondays can be depressing...but they aren't for me, because I like what I do. In fact, sometimes I look forward to Monday and having the place to myself again so I can get some work done, after a weekend full of children and grandchildren and the dog barking and cat hissing and endless chaos. ;-)

What's YOUR favorite day of the week? Is it Friday, because it's the last day of work? Saturday, because you can sleep in? Tell me about YOU.


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