Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday Happies 10/15/10

This is what keeps distracting me out my office window. What more can I say? Fall in New Hampshire makes me happy.


Anonymous said...

That's so pretty! Leaves are turning here, too. The ones I see most often are in the park in front of our house. Not maple trees - I'm not sure what they are - but they're all turning shades of yellow and yellow-green now.

I finished my entre-lac shawl this week! It's warm and comfortable, and came out beautifully. I'm not even blocking it, it's just right as is, and has more texture this way.

Met Interweave's Sandi Wiseheart at knit night last night - she's a fun person!

All is well here - how are you doing? Drop me a line when you get a chance!

Elizabeth Delisi said...

Congrats on finishing your shawl. I decided not to block mine either, for the same reason, and it's my go-to shawl on frigid days!

How neat that you got to meet Sandi. Was she a guest speaker or does she just live there?

Will write you soon.

Anonymous said...

Sandi lives in Canada, but reasonably often comes to the Syracuse area. Thursday night, she was passing through on her way to Rhinebeck, which is this weekend.

Elizabeth Delisi said...

Cool. Very fortunate for your knitting group!