Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday Gripes 9/27/10

Well, it IS raining today, while makes me a bit glum. Though I know we need it, so I'm trying hard to be okay with it.

It's also kind of chilly, but that just means it's time to pull out a comfy shawl. Right?

I was up in the middle of the night, sick as a dog, no idea why. That's my main Monday gripe. Thus today I've been eating very, very light. Not that it's a bad idea to eat light...but the house is full of lots of yummy birthday goodies, none of which will sit well on a sick tummy. (sigh)

So I'm trying to focus on other things, like work, and knitting. With mixed success.

Another gripe: just when I get to like a new show, they pull it. Last year I really enjoyed "Eastwick," for instance. It doesn't appear to be on the fall schedule, so I assume it's not returning. Why not? It was SO much better than many things that are returning. At least, so says Liz. ;-)

I also loved Flash Forward. A very clever show, that left me wanting more each week. And don't you just hate it when a show ends, never to return, and they don't tie up all the loose ends during the final episode?

I guess that's it for grumping today. Hope you all are having a tolerable Monday!

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