Friday, September 03, 2010

Friday Happies 9/3/10

Well, I'm happy the pre-recorded message from State Farm, telling me Hurricane Earl was headed my way and to board up the windows, was wrong. (eye roll) I need more stress like I need a hole in the head.

However, my mom, who might actually live near a spot that will get hit (i.e., Connecticut coast) and who is a State Farm customer, didn't receive a call. Go figure.

I'm happy to hear from my doctor that not only does exercise up my dopamine level, which should make me feel better, but she confirmed my belief that so does chocolate. She said it would take about an hour to kick in...but somehow I think eating chocolate has an instant soothing effect. I'll gladly do a study of this myself and see how it turns out!

I'm glad the Internet provides me a route to contact friends and family who don't live nearby. I wrote a lot of letters in my youth to family members, but friends I'd moved away from usually fell by the wayside as letter-writing was laborious and lengthy before you'd get a reply. Because kids just aren't that motivated to hand-write letters.

I guess we are the society of instant gratification.

So at least now, a friend can stay a friend for life. More contact beyond the annual Christmas card and those newsletters no one reads.

And now, beyond the magic of cell phones, we also have Skype. So you can call a friend on your computer, and see her too! Reminds me of the good old days of TV when a picture-phone was all the rage in all the sci-fi stories. And didn't Maxwell Smart of "Get Smart!" have a watch phone? I know he had a shoe phone...

Phew. Glad I don't have to take off my shoe to make a phone call.

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