Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday Gripes 9/13/10

Well, it's Monday. That's gripe-worthy all by itself, isn't it? Especially after a nice, if rainy, vacation.

It's gloomy here today, but I hope we DO get rain because unlike the northern part of the state, we sure need it. The rivers and ponds are quite low, some nearly dry, and some towns are putting water restrictions in place. While that was quite common in Kansas, it's unheard of here in New Hampshire, at least since we've been here.

Of course, I don't want it to go the other way and then we end up with floods. Yeah, I'm picky.

Today's gripe is road work. They've been working on the road I have to travel on to get to...well, just about everything except the yarn store. (That's one bright spot, at least.) At first they were just working on the bridges, of which there are several, but now they're repaving everywhere.

What irritates me is, they have repaved the lane going in one direction, but not the shoulder. Since they're paving the lane going the *other* way now, those orange cones direct us off onto the shoulder so the oncoming traffic can drive on "our" lane. But the shoulder isn't quite large enough in spots where there's a guardrail, so I end up driving with one tire on the new pavement and one on the old shoulder, with all that loose tar flicking up under the car. (eye roll)

Today I took the long way home from physical therapy, just to avoid it (though that involves navigating a traffic circle--a stupid invention if you ask me). And I drive a small car. Wonder how the 18-wheelers manage? I just hope they're done paving soon.

And the other related gripe is about people who feel that even though we're driving on the shoulder, half on and half off the new lane, with orange cones all around and oncoming traffic a few inches away, not to mention construction workers and their equipment, we should STILL be able to go at full normal speed, and they get irritated when I have the audacity to follow the construction zone speed limit. Sheesh.

Okay, back to work. Grumble, grumble, grumble.


Wendy said...

When it comes to driving, it seems that all bets are off these days. The rules we learned in Driver Ed no longer apply, apparently.

Hey, I'm signing up for your Elements of Mystery Writing at WD this month. I can't wait!

Elizabeth Delisi said...

Yes, and the Miss Manners rules don't apply either! Oy.

Looking forward to seeing you in the mystery course. It's a fun one!