Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday Gripes 3/22/10

My intended Friday Happies turned into my Monday Gripes. After much research both on the net and in person, Friday was the day I was going to go to the local bird store to get a parakeet--and then, of course, post about my "happy" on my blog.

I had researched which breed was best for me in my situation; looked into the feeding, housing, and entertainment requirements of the bird. I had visited the bird shop personally as well and interacted with/handled several birds of different breeds.

Finally, my mind made up, I went to the store...and found the bird I had settled on had been sold the day before.


That put a crimp in my style. They had another parakeet there, but I didn't care for the colors. And more importantly, it was less friendly. I felt the one I had handled previously was a little more fearless and willing to explore. Having had a parakeet once in my life, many years ago, who was definitely NOT friendly, I wanted to be sure that this time, I got it right. So imagine my disappointment, when I was all psyched up for bird ownership to begin.

But. There are new baby birds there, about four weeks old right now and they should be "ready to adopt" in another three weeks or so. I will go in and visit them in a couple of weeks ("when they look more bird-like," the shop owner said), interact with them, choose one...and most importantly...put down a deposit. That way I know my bird will be waiting for me as soon as he's old enough to come home.

Of course, that requires me to have patience. Something I'm not blessed with in abundance! Hence the griping.

In the meantime, I'm amusing myself with coming up with potential names for the bird. I read that parakeets, when they do learn to talk, can pronounce hard consonants best. So, for example, a name like "Giselle" might not be good if I want little birdie to ever pronounce his name!

If you have any suggestions for names, I'd love to hear them. The parakeet will be some combination of blue and white in color, and hopefully will be a male. (I hear they are more likely to learn to talk than females. No accounting for nature.)

So let me hear those bird names! Looking forward to it.


Jen said...

Oh, wow! Totally unexpected, I thought the decision was waiting until after the weekend with Dan.

Congratulations! That's totally awesome that you'll be choosing from babies and getting one as young as possible.

My blue-and-white bird was named BooBerry, after the cereal. For what it's worth.

I can't wait to meet the new family member! Let me know if you'd like me to join you for any visits in the meantime.

Elizabeth Delisi said...

I was going to go on Saturday with Dan, but he seemed uninterested, and Heather unexpectedly had Friday off and wanted to go.

I'll keep you posted! Thanks, Jen.

Heather Garcia said...

I thought it was funny that she kept saying when the birds are "more bird like"! I am almost as excited as you to see your new bird! I hope I will be able to go with you when you get it :) I'm super sad I can't have my African Grey, but a parakeet might be a good option. Hopefully these next few weeks will fly by. Hang in there!

Elizabeth Delisi said... hope the weeks will "fly" by?...heeheehee! I hope you can come along too, will keep you posted. Any more bird name suggestions?