Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday Gripes 3/29/10

Rainy, misty, damp days make me grumpy. And it's been raining all day, with a repeat of the same tomorrow.

People who go postal on me over nothing make me grumpy, especially when they're sweet as pie one second and nasty the next. And they do seem to come in bunches lately.

Not enough money, quite, to ever achieve all of our goals makes me grumpy. How hard and how long do we have to work to have "enough" instead of "not quite enough"?

Rudeness makes me grumpy. Fanatics of any stripe make me grumpy. Bullies make me grumpy. Too many commercials in my favorite TV shows make me grumpy. Dropping a stitch in my knitting makes me grumpy. Burning my toast...well...I guess you could say, "that really burns my toast." Another way to say, it makes me grumpy.

And--you knew it was coming--grumpy people make me grumpy.

So that means I make myself grumpy! Sheesh.

I think it's time to go to bed and just let tomorrow be a new day...

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