Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday Gripes, 1/25/10

Rain, rain, go away, come again another day. That's what I've been chanting all day today, as it drizzles, drips and pours. Flooding alerts are up everywhere, as not only do we have the rain to deal with, but also the melting of the over one foot of snowmelt to deal with.

Rain has always been one of my gripes. I know it's necessary to the foliage, the water table, and the planet...but I just can't feel happy on gray, wet days. Snow, I can deal with, but not rain.

Speaking of rain, one of my favorite short stories is called, "Rain, Rain, Go Away" by Harlan Ellison. In this story, a normal, average fellow finds that this magic chant of childhood really DOES have power when he repeats it...and he learns the consequences. Check it out in his story story collection, ELLISON WONDERLAND:

Another thing that really bugs me is the way the grocery store constantly freaks me out. Just when I find a product I like, they stop carrying it. Or they instead carry a different size or shape of bottle, or change the label. Or they raise the price. Or they move it to a different shelf, or section.

Don't get me wrong, I love to try new things. But I also like the comfort of the tried and true, and it really burns my toast (my latest favorite saying, BTW) to get used to something and really learn to love it, only to have it transmogrify or disappear.

And that goes for lots of things beyond food products. For example: a new TV show appears. I watch an entire season of it and really become a fan, only to have it disappear.

I find a clothing store, or bookstore, or restaurant, and it's my new favorite place. Then one day it's gone, boarded up or turned into a flooring store or tobacco shop. Sheesh.

So what has changed or disappeared on you and invited your ire?

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