Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday Gripes 1/18/10

Week two of Monday Gripes. And my first gripe is that I have to write about my gripes! Hah! But seriously...

Related to the current 8+ inches of snow that just fell with more coming, I have a gripe with the snowplow drivers. Now, I know they can't help but pile snow up against my mailbox or the end of my driveway when they go by. But how do they manage to come by the very second I've finished, when I'm leaning on my shovel and thinking, "Ah, a job well done!" and then they come by and plow me back under?

Do they have ESP? A secret spy scope to watch me? Do they have bets on how I'll react when they roll by and leave me with several more feet of snow to shovel? Or do they get a chuckle when I have heart failure from shouting and gesturing wildly?


And my second gripe for today is related, though it may not seem to be. So bear with me.

I have a lovely cat named Burt. He's friendly and likes to hang out with us as much as possible. And there's nothing he likes better than a warm lap to sleep on.

The problem is *when* he decides to get on my lap. He has the uncanny ability (like the snowplow driver...) to know when I'm about to get up, and THEN he gets on my lap. So then I have to pick him up and move him and he gives me an evil glare.

I've watched him do this time and time again. I'm not giving off any signals...he doesn't wait till I start to rise. But inevitably, I will have been sitting on the couch watching a movie for two hours and in the final sixty seconds of the movie, he jumps onto my lap.

So what do you think...are the snowplow drivers and my cat in league?

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