Thursday, November 04, 2004

A Fiendish Plot?

A frightening election result. Nine hours babysitting two whirling dervish toddler and infant grandchildren. Getting sick and needing massive doses of multiple drugs. Getting sick two days before leaving town on vacation. Guess which of these things have happened to me this week?

Try ALL.

So I say, it's gotta be some kind of nefarious plot designed to drive me stark raving mad. Either that, or I'm on some horrific hidden-camera reality show. Boy, I just hope the prize for this one is really good. :-)

Tell me the stories of some of YOUR worst days...or weeks. How did you make it through? I'm not talking major disasters here--that's a whole different category. But sometimes there just seems to be one little mini-catastrophe after another. How do you get through those times? Chocolate? Bubble bath? Take the phone off the hook? Buy something outrageous? Read? Get a massage?

Hope your week is running smoothly!


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