Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Back From the Depths of Illness

The antibiotics have done their job, at least mostly, and I'm back online again. There's nothing like being sick to make you appreciate good health!

It's very windy here tonight, 28 mph with gusts up to 38, 39 degrees and wind chill currently 27. Spitting rain, and possibly a snowflake here or there. I guess fall is definitely here, with winter crowding hard on its heels. I like the change of seasons, but it's always tough to get used to the cold. Especially with our money-saving thermostat setting of 65 degrees! And the electric and gas bills are still awfully high...

We really need to develop alternative forms of energy. Get rid of the gas-guzzling cars and go with electric power, or something cheap and plentiful. Same for heating and cooling our homes and water. I fear the prices will only go up, up, up.

So, what kind of energy-saving devices would you like to see on the market in the next few years? Light bulbs that never burn out? Cars that run on batteries without needing any other energy source? Solar heating for your house? Batteries for all your handheld gizmos that last a year--or ten? Now, just get out there and invent them! ;-)


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