Monday, November 22, 2004


Imagine a racecar zooming past you at 125 miles per hour. That's what I'm doing kilobyte version! Finally I have a cable internet connection, instead of dialup. Since we live so far outside of town, the dialup could only achieve a speed of 28.8 at the best. Now we have 256K and it's wonderful! I can't wait to visit all my favorite websites and NOT have to wait forever for them to load.

So, how many of you have cable, or DSL, or wireless? Do you like it? What are the pros and cons?

I have a new book out: ENCHANTED HOLIDAYS, an anthology of paranormal romance. There are six novellas in it, two based on Christmas, two on New Year's, and two on Valentine's Day. The six authors involved are me (of course!) plus Kim Cox, Chris Grover, Elaine Hopper, Maureem McMahon, and Sheryl Hames Torres. You can check out the cover art, read an excerpt and the reviews, and order your own copy in trade paper or e-book format by going to my website: . It makes a great holiday gift! ;-)


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