Wednesday, September 13, 2017

99-Cent Book Bonanza

Most of us authors discount our books from time to time, but rarely are so many of us doing it at the same time and in the same place. Click the link below where you'll find more than 75 books spanning 13 genres, each discounted to only $0.99. Scroll through the genres or click on a genre link, hover over any cover to see a brief description of the book, then click to purchase. The link will allow you to choose from any retailer where the book is sold (some are only available on Amazon and are linked directly there, and others are available everywhere). Purchase as many as you like, but only until September 17th. After that, these deals are gone.
 Included in this deal areWandering Spirits I and Wandering Spirits II - Paranormal anthologies from 5 amazing authors. In Wandering Spirits I you'll find find my story RESTLESS SPIRIT. Desperate to talk to her young son, who died from a rare, incurable blood disease, Laura St. Clair uses a Ouija board to try to reach him. But when she makes contact with the spirit world and receives a message, whom has she reached? And what does the spirit want in return for helping her?

 And in Wandering Spirits II you'll see my story LUCIFER'S LAST LAUGH. When Kirk Marsden falls overboard from his yacht, he thinks he’s dreaming when confronted by a scary-looking man in red, with a silver pitchfork stickpin. Lucifer offers Kirk a deal: he won’t go to Hell if he can reveal his true inner self to one person who genuinely cares about him. But how can a rich man find someone who likes him for himself, not his money?

The anthologies can be found under Romance (PNR) genre. For those who haven't read this genre, PNR stands for Paranormal Romance. All the stories are paranormal and have some romance.

Here's the link: Have fun!

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