Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday Happies 6/25/10

Well! I'm back. It's been a wild week. I received a call Monday that there was a cancellation Tuesday morning and I could go in and have my x-ray guided cortisone shot. With great trepidation, and a spark of hope, I said "Yes."

The shot went well, if you don't count my anxiety beforehand. Oh, and if you don't count that two nurses couldn't find my vein for an IV, and where they eventually placed it turned out NOT to be in a vein, so I ended up with a big bulge of fluid under the skin of my arm. (sigh) But, my veins are notoriously hard to find.

I do think the shot is helping, some, and I'm hoping for more as I'm only now at the beginning of the time period when I might notice the full effects. They've set me up for another shot in three weeks, which I can cancel if I'm doing great. Otherwise, that will continue the healing process.

So I am cautiously optimistic and a teensy bit happy for my Friday Happies. Keep your fingers crossed for me that soon I'll be once again working in my comfortably...and all those other things I haven't been able to do since this debacle started. Here's hoping!

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