Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday Gripes 4/12/10

I guess my first gripe for today is that I seem to have fewer gripes than I thought I would! But I guess I shouldn't complain about that. Should I?

My second gripe is with someone...the town officials, state head honchos, whoever is in charge of deciding what to do to fix the landslide up the street from us, so the road can be reopened. 'Cause, nothing is happening!

We're lucky that our driveway is on a side street that's still accessible. Unlike our neighbors up the street, who have to drive to the cones, get out of the car, move the cones, drive through, get out of the car, put the cones back, drive away; then reverse when coming home.

The biggest inconvenience for us is that the mailman won't deliver. According to the post office, he is not allowed to exit his vehicle in order to move cones. He can only get out for approved bringing a box to your door or something that needs to be signed for. I guess moving cones to go up a closed road doesn't count as approved!

So for the duration, we have to run to the post office daily to get our mail. This wouldn't be bad if this is what we preferred...some people like having a post office box. But we don't have a box, so we can only pick up our mail at the counter, during the limited hours they're open.

Still, it's not much of a gripe, I guess.

My biggest concern today is a worry, not a gripe. Koko the parakeet has been home for 24 hours now and is just sitting in one spot in his cage, not eating or drinking or chirping. I know the move from bird-filled pet store to bird-free new home and new cage is stressful. I just hope he recovers soon! Because I'm not sure how long a tiny little bird can go without nourishment. Do send soothing thoughts Koko's way.

And if any of you out there have parakeets, do you have any tips or tricks for getting him over the adjustment period quickly? All thoughts gratefully accepted!


Jen said...

Will he let you hold him? If so, can you take him out of the cage for a while, maybe let him sit in your cleavage while you do something at the computer?

Talk to him gently, tell him you love him. Tell him you know he misses the other birds.

I sense he wants comfort. He wants to snuggle to something or someone warm. There are fleecy and furry things meant to be "snuggle buddies" for putting in the cage, the bird can cozy up to them and feel comforted.

He keeps thinking about the mushy baby food, too. I think in stress he's regressing a little and wanting some comfort.

Try offering - from your fingers - a small piece of apple, a cheerio, or a sunflower seed. Being fed by "mom" might help.

Let me know how things work out!

Elizabeth Delisi said...

Thanks, Jen. I've held him a few times and will continue to do so...though the last time I got him out, he jumped off my hand and right back into the cage! I guess it's progress that he feels safe there, anyway.

Also, in the last two hours he's eaten some of his birdseed, which is a good sign. I've tried offering him banana, a raisin, carrot, and olive...didn't have any interest in any of them. But that may change as he gets more comfortable.


Jen said...

Progress! Yay!

He'll come around. It sounds like you're doing just fine. Keep up the good work!

I've heard that parakeets are often slow to take to eating fruits. Apples were specifically mentioned as something they often like.

Elizabeth Delisi said...

Thanks, Jen, I'll give apples a try the next time I have one. He is determined to stay in his cage this afternoon, it seems, as he made another "daring escape" from my hand and back into the cage. I suppose I could close the door after I take him out. May try that.