Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday Happies 4/23/10

There! That should make anyone happy. :-)

Koko is getting more comfortable in his new home. He moves around easily in his cage now, and has even figured out how to swing on his swing. He plays with his toy now and then, either ringing the bell from underneath or by shaking the colored pieces of wood the bell is attached to.

But his favorite activity seems to be watching the birds outside. We've placed one of the four hooks in the house in front of a glass door, where he can watch the wild birds at the birdfeeders outside. He seems to enjoy it, and chirps and squawks, trying to enter into the conversation.

As for talking to ME...well, he hasn't learned to do that yet. But he does seem to listen intently when I talk to him. I hope soon he'll begin repeating things back...not that he'll know what they mean, but at least he'll know we're communicating.

Hope you have lots of healthy, happy communication with your loved ones on this beautiful spring day!

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