Saturday, July 15, 2017

Guest Author Jeremy Laszlo

Please help me welcome my guest, author of LOVE, RETURNED, Jeremy Laszlo. Here’s a little info on his book:


Bethany’s life hasn’t been easy by any measure. Fitting in was impossible. With her struggles with questioning reality, her OCD routine, and the recent loss of both of her parents, it is no wonder she has difficulties finding the right guy. 

But what if the right guy, is the wrong kind? 

What if he wasn’t normal? 

What if… he isn’t even real? 

What if she can’t tell? 

Struggling with her own sanity, and a litany of unexplained happenings in her home, Bethany finds that where there is a connection that could lead to love, so too can there be pain.


This book is not your typical HEA. Includes graphic adult content.

Price: $0.99

If this is your kind of story, check it out!

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