Monday, May 02, 2016

A-Z Blog Challenge is Over

The A-Z Blog Challenge is over at last, and I made it through. Yay! It was difficult, but I enjoyed it. Bringing Tarot cards together with the writing process made me think harder about not only my writing, but also the meaning(s) of the cards and how they could relate to my writing.

I hope everyone who checked out one, a few or all of my A-Z entries enjoyed them.

Also, I'd like to thank Kate at Aeclectic Tarot for graciously allowing me to use card images from her wonderful site. Please check out Aeclectic Tarot and tell Kate I sent you!

Here's my badge for finishing:

Cool, eh?

Now your regular programming will resume. :-D


Jennifer said...

I came within three letters of surviving my first challenge and shamelessly lost steam at the very end. A successful failure, if there ever was one, and a great deal of fun for me.

Elizabeth Delisi said...

I'd say getting almost all the way through---because those last few letters are tough---is definitely a success, Jennifer!