Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Guest Author Sheri McGathy

Please help me welcome author and cover artist Sheri McGathy! She’s answering a few questions today. Hope you’ll enjoy reading her answers, and checking out her books and cover art.


1) Tell us a little about yourself, Sheri, and what inspired you to become a writer.

Sheri said: At one time, I think I knew the answer to this, but time has a way of fading some memories or in this case, reasons. I can say for certain that I have always loved storytelling. I use to sit for hours and tell my dog stories. He was a very good listener. One summer during my teens and friend and I pretty much wiled the months away with me telling a very long epic story, her listening. She would chime in from time to time and offer plot suggestions and I would weave them in. Our parents thought we were crazy since all they ever saw was the two of us sitting around talking. But it was one of the best summers of my life. It helped me realize that I could story tell every bit as well (in my mind) as my uncles and other family members. Once I actually started writing, it was in story poem. Epic poems, mainly fantasy. My very first novel actually was written as a poem first.

2) Tell us about your latest work.

I don't have anything new published aside from a chapter in The Complete Guide to Writing the Paranormal Novel published by Dragon Moon Press. My chapter is a very quick overall of Faeries titled: Fae, Fey, Faery, Fairy-A Quick Glance into the Abyss. What I have been doing recently is cover art creation. I love doing the covers. As to my latest work, it is a Enchanted Grove fantasy tentatively titled HOLE IN THE SKY. I'm about a quarter into it. Did I tell you I am a slow writer? It takes me a while to get the magic just so and weave everything together. If I didn't have another job, I suspect I could write quite quickly. I actually think HOLE is going to be one of my better attempts. At least I feel so at this time.

3) If you were casting the movie version of your work, who would you choose for the leading roles?

For Hole: I don't know. There are five siblings in the story, each equally as important as the other, ages from 6 to 21. Plus several support characters. So I just don't know yet. Many authors I know actually use pictures of actors to help them visualize their characters. I don't seem to need that. This sort of fishtails into question six, but I tend to daydream my characters for what seems forever before I ever start writing. By the time I do start typing, they are my best friends.

4) Tell us about a hidden talent you have that most people don't know about?

I don't think I have a hidden talent. I'm pretty much "What you see is what you get." I can snap my toes, does that count? LOL

5) What's your favorite comfort food?

Hamburgers and fries. I can live without the fries, but a hamburger is my first choice when I am in need of comfort. Or anytime.

6) Are you an outliner or do you write by the seat of your pants?

As stated above, I think I might be a little of both. I don't outline but I daydream the characters, the world, the magic, long before I ever start writing. I usually always know where I am starting, what I want to happen, the lessons each character must learn and how I want it to end. But, everything else is a pure fly into the mist type of writing. That's my term for a pantser.

7) What's your favorite season and why?

Fall. I love fall. Where I live now, we really don't get a long fall, but when I was a kid in Ohio, you got a chance to really experience the season. I love the smell of fallen leaves, the musty earth smells, and I even like the rain. I can still recall the smell of leaves burning and the autumn breezes, cool sometimes chilly, but always invigorating.

8) If you weren't a writer, what would you be?

Don't know. Maybe I'd be an amateur archeologist or perhaps a Graphic Designer. Beats me.

9) Tell us about anyone famous you've met.

I think I live a sheltered life. I've touched the Monkey Mobile, while it was parked outside a radio station; I have seen David Cassidy once, and sometimes I stumble into meeting people that others consider quite famous but dummy me had no clue who I was speaking to. Such is my life J

10) What's your favorite non-writing-related website?

Well, not really my favorite, but I seem to always be on Facebook wasting time! I actually don't have any real favorites. I like history, and anything paranormal, aliens, ufos, etc. And science. I'll read almost any website that sparks my interest!

About Sheri L. McGathy

“Born in the Buckeye state, I was uprooted in 1971 and replanted amongst sunflowers, tornadoes, and college football. It’s a good life.”

During the weekdays, Sheri is a Graphic Arts Coordinator/Copy Editor in prepress. In the evenings and weekends, she's a writer…or she tries to be. She also expresses her artistic side by crafting cover art for both e-books and paperbacks.

Her work includes short stories and/or novellas in various anthologies:


OMNIBUS – A Collection of Fantasy Stories

TRESPASSING TIME – Ghost Stories from the Prairie (Sheri has also released her four stories from this collection. See Ghostly Tales)





PROMISES with The Gift

Her novels include:





The Complete Guide to Writing the Paranormal Novel - My chapter: Fae, Fey, Faery, Fairy-A Quick Glance into the Abyss

Please visit Sheri's site:


Thanks for guesting, Sheri!


Marie Higgins said...

Hey, Sheri! It's good to get to know the other side of you, since I know the cover artist REALLY well! You are a very talented lady!

Stacey said...

Sheri, I enjoyed reading about your writer's side. I already know what an awesome book cover designer you are.

Sheri McGathy said...

Marie, Stacey, thank you so much!!!