Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday Gripes 8/23/10

Rain. Clouds. Gray. Fog. Mist.


It is SO dark and gloomy today, it's hard to stay positive. I'm trying, because I really need to keep a positive attitude. But the weather has a definite effect.

We do need the rain, I admit. We've been in a bit of a drought. The Souhegan River is so low, you can see all the rocks at the bottom.

But isn't it a shame it can't rain from a blue sunshiny sky?

That said, I just had a cheerful little interlude.

Every year, a little local boy comes around, selling gourmet popcorn as a Boy Scouts fundraiser. I only see him once a year, but he's bright and talkative and has no trouble chatting with an adult. He showed up just now at my door...riding his bike, despite the rain...and he sure has shot up in the past year! I had to remark on how much he's grown.

We had a lovely chat. He asked about our dog and cat, and I told him that sadly, we'd lost them both within the past year. He related that he, too, had lost both a dog and cat recently, but added they now have a new one of each. I introduced him to Koko (the parakeet), and he was absolutely fascinated. "That's so cool," he said. "He's so little. I want a bird!"

It was a small thing, but it really cheered me up. So even the Monday blahs can be chased away, with the right medicine! A little human contact is all it takes.


Heather Garcia said...

But did you buy any gourmet popcorn??? And will you share it with your daughter? Hehe :) This rain does suck. I actually slept in until 8 because it was so dark in my room this morning! And, the kids can't play outside so of course they are driving me nuts :p

Elizabeth Delisi said...

LOL! Yes, I ordered some, but it doesn't come in till mid-November. When it does, of course I'll share!

I'm glad you got to sleep in, but I suppose having bored children is the price you pay...