Friday, February 06, 2009

It's Tax Time!

Important free info available from my friend Julian Block. I hope you'll take advantage of sending for his free PDF file of tax info! There's tons of material in there to benefit writers and small business owners.


Does dealing with taxes strike terror into your heart--like being faced with calculus, which you never understood, or being asked to run in a marathon? Free help for taxophobes is available from Julian Block, a nationally recognized attorney and member of the American Society of Journalists and Authors. He wrote the chapter on "Taxes and Deductions" for "The ASJA Guide to Freelance Writing" and has been cited as “a leading tax professional” (New York Times), "an accomplished writer on taxes," (Wall Street Journal) and “an authority on tax planning” (Financial Planning Magazine).

E-mail to request a complimentary PDF file. The file contains newspaper and magazine articles that offer clear, concise, uncomplicated and immediately useful advice on tax strategies. Learn what to do now to sidestep pitfalls and take advantage of frequently missed, perfectly legal opportunities that can save many thousands of dollars.

Julian Block is an attorney and syndicated columnist based in Larchmont, NY. He is a member of the New York Financial Writers Association and the American Society of Journalists and Authors. His books include “The Home Seller’s Guide To Tax Savings”; “Year Round Tax Savings”; “Travel And Moving Expenses;” “Tax Tips For Small Businesses: Savvy Ways For Writers, Photographers, Artists And Other Freelancers To Trim Taxes To The Legal Minimum;” and “Marriage And Divorce: Savvy Ways For Persons Marrying, Married Or Divorcing To Trim Their Taxes To The Legal Minimum.” For information about his books, visit

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