Monday, January 05, 2009

Writing Workshop

The "How to Be Your Own Editor" Workshop is coming up on Monday, January 12.

WRDF's Online Workshop, The Tipping Point, Presents:

Bungee Jumping for Writers, or How to Be Your Own Editor

Editing for most writers is like diving off a bridge head-first with a large rubber band attached to their ankles…not a pretty sight.. Join Elizabeth Delisi as she shows you a less hazardous approach to self-editing.

In this three-day workshop, Elizabeth will cover seven areas that plague most writers.

Dialogue Dos and Don'ts
Flashbacks: How and When to Use Them
Jean's Jeans: The Difference between Possessives and Plurals
Which or That?
Do Your Chapter Endings Keep the Reader Reading?
Should the Author be a Know-It-All: Choosing Your POV
Trim (the Excess Words From) Your Prose

Join us for this terrific workshop:

Date: January 12-14

Price: WRDF Members $5.00

Non-Members $12.00

(Psst! Hint: WRDF membership is free. Go here to sign up: )

There are still a few spots left, but they're going fast, so reserve your spot now!

Paypal Available

To register or for more info, contact Lynda at

Be there or be square!


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