Monday, March 14, 2011

Two Upcoming Courses

I have two courses I’m teaching coming up shortly, so I thought I’d share the info with you.

First is The Essentials of Mystery Writing:

Do you read mysteries and think "I wish I could write that?" Well, you can. Work with a published mystery writer to learn about the subtleties of the mystery genre, and begin working on your own page-turning mystery. By the conclusion of the workshop, you will have written 2500 words and had critiqued up to 2500 words of your mystery novel or short story. Workshop starts Thursday, March 17th.
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And second, Writing the Breakout Novel:

Discover what makes a novel stand out from the rest in all its aspects—from premise to plot to character to theme—using Donald Maass' bestselling Writing the Breakout Novel as your guide. Breakout novels are built from the foundation up, beginning with a breakout premise which is plausible, original, emotional, and rich in conflicts to explore … and which will inspire and guide you as you build on that foundation. This workshop, then, will begin with the premise and build over eight weeks just as the breakout novel builds: with careful attention to craft and an openness to those creative leaps which will make your novel exceptional. Workshop starts Thursday, March 24th.

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Hope to see you at one…or even both!

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