Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Beautiful Fall

We've finally dried out and I'm enjoying the unseasonably warm temperatures we're having right now. The fall colors are beautiful. I've heard some people complain they aren't as vibrant as usual, there aren't as many reds as usual. But to someone having their first New England fall in many, many years, they're incredible! I wander around the house, look out each window, and every window is a picture. Gosh, I wish I could paint. I'll have to learn someday.

I was a little surprised that we only got half a dozen trick-or-treaters here. I suppose it's because of the steep hill we live on. But I enjoyed each and every one. I'm going to try to remember how to post pictures, and add a picture of my granddaughter and grandson on Halloween. I wish I'd been able to see them in person. That's the only down side of moving to New Hampshire...leaving kids and grandkids behind. Aren't they adorable? And no, I'm not prejudiced at all. ;-)

One thing I'm coping with is learning my way around a new neighborhood. After living in one place for the last ten years, it's a challenge to find new grocery stores, new doctors, new restaurants. I've never been terribly good at maps or finding my way to new places, so every time I have to do so, it's a teeth-gritting experience. I have to find my way to the airport next week, and with all the traffic, that will be a real challenge. I think I'll deserve a medal if I make it!

So what's your favorite thing about moving to a new place? What's the biggest challenge? How is your fall going...are you enjoying it?


Penelope Marzec said...

I love fall. I love the cooler temperatures--I feel so much more energetic. Hubby and I even went riding on our bicycle built for two.

thewriterslife said...

Elizabeth, I noticed the leaves weren't as brilliant this year either (I'm in Virginia). It was something about the no rainfall or something...I don't know. I love the fall ordinarily but I've got a humdinger of a cold since the weather changed!

Elizabeth Delisi said...

Penelope, I love fall too. Especially back in colorful New England. You're right, the cooler air seems just right...not too hot, not too cold. (Said Goldilocks!)

Dorothy, I bet rainfall could have something to do with it because here, we got too much rain. Over 14" in October--setting a new record. Would be a fun subject to research--why do the leaves turn the colors they do? Someone must know the answer, even if I don't. ;-)

Vonda Sinclair said...

Hi Liz, your grandchildren are adorable in their costumes! :-) Our leaves here in NC weren't quite as colorful as I have seen them. But better than some years, so I can't complain.

Elizabeth Delisi said...

Vonda, I'm just anxious to see next year, if this year is "not so colorful." I've been away from it for too long!

Thanks for recognizing how cute my grandchildren are. As any proud Nana would're a very smart lady!