Monday, May 30, 2005

Liz's Bad Luck Spring

This spring has been unusually eventful, and mostly not in a pleasant way. Our dog, Max, has been ill since early April with what was eventually diagnosed as a very rare tick-borne disease, only the 5th case they've seen in the state. (Naturally, Max has to choose the RARE disease, instead of the easily-cured-and-cheap-to-fix disease.) And now he's on his second round of hospitalization at the veterinary hospital on the other side of the state for a new, unrelated problem--something blocking his throat so he can't swallow. The vet bills are mounting quite high, and we're wondering how much higher they can go before we're totally broke.

In addition to Max's woes, our water heater broke and had to be replaced; the sprinkler system needed repair work on virtually every sprinkler head; we had to have the septic tank pumped out; the main water pipe leading into our property was leaking and had to be repaired; the water softener quit working. And perhaps worst of all, my husband's knee is troubling him so much that he had to cancel his long-awaited two-month bike trip. You can imagine how happy that makes him. Hah!

I've also heard similar stories of multiple woes from many friends and family members. It's as if the whole planet is having an entire month of Friday the Thirteenths.

So my question is this: what the heck is going on?!?

Tell me about YOUR weird spring...or if your spring has been entirely pleasant and normal, tell me that too, so I'll know there's hope! ;-)


Penelope Marzec said...

You've certainly had a tough time. As far as the luck in our household, well, it's been up and down--which is par for the course. My husband was laid off in November and has not gotten another job.

However, daughter #2 graduated with her Masters degree. We are hoping she gets a job.

Elizabeth Delisi said...

I wish your daughter the best luck, Penelope. Congratulations to her on graduating!

And, I hope your husband finds something soon. It's a tough time to be job-searching unless you want to work fast-food. Things are bound to turn around soon! That's what I keep hoping, anyway...

Robin Bayne said...

Sounds familar Liz! We had to put on a new roof, and $6000 later, now have leaks in 2 places instead of one! My dog is sick with terrible skin problems, we've had various small car problems, I lost 3 hard drives since January (we think due to viruses), my blog just froze so I had to redo it, and now I have a biopsy scheduled for June 17.

Do I win?? Do I win??? Do I win??? LOL

Elizabeth Delisi said...

Oh my, Robin! You've certainly had a rough time. Yes, I think we can say that you win. ;-) Does that help?

You know, your story just confirms my theory, yours and Penelope's...along with all the other folks I've talked to...that there's some WEIRD karma going on right now. Or bad biorhythms or something. Sheesh!

Here's hoping your string of bad luck stops BEFORE the biopsy, Robin. Keep me posted.

Robin Bayne said...

Will do. I am keeping my sense of humor. I think. LOL

Elizabeth Delisi said...

That's the best thing you can do, Robin. I just heard about a study that shows that people who laugh regularly live longer! So, it's definitely worth trying to look on the funny side of life. ;-)

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