Friday, January 28, 2005


It's official...I've signed a contract with Amber Quill Press to publish my time-travel romance set in ancient Egypt, LADY OF THE TWO LANDS. I'm so excited!

LADY was originally published with NovelBooks, and they did a great job...but unfortunately, they've gone under. I'd really like LADY to have a better chance at selling, so I'm delighted it has a new home. Should be released on or around May 1; more updates here when available.

To check out Amber Quill Press's other great books, go here:

Still searching for publishers for my other books and books-to-be. Will keep you posted right here when there's any news.

So, what's your news? How is 2005 treating you so far?



Unknown said...

Hi Liz!
Great blog and congrats on the contract with Amber Quill! I hope you have great sales there!
Wow, what a coincidence you should have ancestors here in Old Orchard. Small world! My family(ies) have been pretty much settled here since the 1900s (before that they came from England, Germany, Ireland, France, Canada and a bit of native).
And I know what you mean about enough snow--another Nor'easter headed this way for later this week--ugh!
Best of luck with oyur books. :)


Elizabeth Delisi said...

Thanks for signing, Howard. We just got another 3" of snow here, so I might have to post another Jack Frost photo. I spent so many years in climates with no just tickles me. We'll have to compare family ancestor notes for Old Orchard, Maine. ;-)


Kim Cox said...

Hey Liz,

Late in commenting, but I wanted to say congrats on finding a home for LADY at AQP. I'm sure you'll be very happy there. I have been.

They'll love you too. You're such a prolific writer, whereas I have one book there and don't have another ready either.

My mother in law read our stories in Enchanted Holidays I, she loved yours and all she's read so far.

Anyway, CONGRATS!!!!

Btw, I tried to publish to my blog but it says it's not available. Don't know why. I haven't posted since January--could be the problem.

Kim C

Elizabeth Delisi said...

Thanks, Kim! I'm happy to find a new home for my "orphans." I'm glad your MIL liked Mistletoe Medium!

That's goo bad about your blog...maybe it's from not posting in it. I dunno. I'm still new at this stuff. ;-)


emily said...

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Anonymous said...

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