Thursday, September 15, 2016

Contest Winner Announced

The contest to choose which book I'll write next is over. The winning book is "KNIT A SPELL."

KNIT A SPELL: Astenia Rand owns and runs a yarn shop called “Knit A Spell.” Most customers think the name invites them to come and visit with knitting in tow. A select few customers know another meaning of the name: Astenia is a witch, and she weaves helpful spells into everything she knits and sells. It’s a good life, except for one thing: Astenia was cursed at birth by a spiteful witch. The curse says any man Astenia falls in love with will die; thus she’s doomed to a life alone. Or is she? What will happen when an immortal man, cursed by the same witch, decides to help her break the spell?

The contest winner, chosen at random from those who voted for KNIT A SPELL, is Robin Leigh Morgan. Congratulations, Robin! You'll receive a free copy of KNIT A SPELL when it comes out, and you'll have a thank-you in the acknowledgments. Awesome!

Thanks to everyone for playing.


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