Monday, April 22, 2013

Monday Gripes, 4/22/13

Since the Boston bombing, my “gripes” are mainly too big to be fixed. The other gripes seem silly and inconsequential in comparison. But life must go on, and I do think focusing on the normal rhythm of life helps you through the bad times. So here’s today’s gripes, as crazy as they are.

My granddaughter is here and doing some cross stitch. Somehow, she lost her needle. We’ve looked everywhere and can’t find it. Bets on who will find it a week from now when walking around in her bare feet?

I looked through all my sewing and knitting things for another needle, but the sewing ones are too small and the knitting ones too big. She settled for one that’s only a little too big.

It’s a lovely, spring-like day outside…from inside the house. Outside, it’s in the 40s and pretty nippy. I guess I’m just impatient, but this winter was so bad, I’m ready to jump into late spring. At least.

Something in my grandson’s video games appeals to the parakeet, and he’s chirping his little head off. And making me crazy.

What little things are nagging you today?

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