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Wanted to share with you a lovely review for FATAL FORTUNE. Hope you enjoy it!


Lottie (Madame Carlotta) Baldwin’s flamboyant ways ruffle the feathers of the small town in which she is a decided outsider. She is outspoken, claims psychic powers, and lives in a house designed for a witch. Worse, she reads the Tarot. Accurately. None of which endears her to the stolid citizens of Cheyenne, ND, and least of all to Sheriff McCarthy, who rejects and resents everything she stands for.

This creates a problem for McCarthy’s Chief Deputy, Harlan Erickson, because he is madly in love with Lottie. Unlike his boss, he trusts her intuitive senses and has often relied on them in difficult cases. But now Harlan and Lottie must join forces to investigate a murder and rescue a kidnapped child.

Elizabeth Delisi creates a cunning story of deceit, resentment, jealousy and greed in Fatal Fortune. Through it all she weaves a thread of the Tarot. Whether or not you accept the validity of the cards, you will be engrossed in the plot and in Lottie’s interpretation of the patterns she lays out. The cards serve as both meditation and foreshadow, but it is up to Lottie to pursue the clues they provide. With or without Harlan’s cooperation, she puts herself in danger to solve the mystery and prevent further mayhem.

Fatal Fortune is an engrossing read, replete with the intricate web of small-town connections and an understanding of what drives people to extreme actions. I can’t wait to read the rest of the series.

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~~~Nikki Andrews, writer/editor


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