Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Happies, 2/25/11

Well, the term “happies” is relative. We’re having yet another snowstorm, with sleet and freezing rain thrown in for good measure. I’m happy we “only” lost power for two hours and hope that’s the end of that issue, because you never realize how much you depend on electricity until you don’t have it.

For instance, we have oil heat—the oil burner heats up a big tank of water, which then circulates to the radiators. But it has an electric ignition, so—no electricity, no heat. No hot water, either, which means cold showers or no showers.

We have an electric stove and of course the microwave, so no power, no hot food. Or coffee. And no power to the fridge, which means you should avoid opening it if possible, so no cold food, either. How long can we live on peanut butter and raisins and chips from the cupboard? Winking smile

The computer has a battery so I can work for a while offline, but no way to recharge it with no power. And of course, no Internet connection with no power.

No lights with no power, unless you’re into candles. And no TV, which doesn’t seem bad until you don’t have it!

No washer or dryer, so you better hope you’re stocked up on clean clothes.

And no telephone, since we only have cordless phones. (Well, we do have a cell phone for emergencies, but once the battery runs out, no way to recharge it.)

I guess I would never make it as a pioneer woman. Smile


Anonymous said...

As to the laundry - I just revert to living in pj's mode for a while! If you're snowed in, you're not going anywhere anyhow, lol.

Snow here, too - expecting up to 10 inches. Then we get a lake effect snow storm to back it up tomorrow. Whee!

Elizabeth Delisi said...

Woo hoo! You're in for it too. Hope you're all stocked up on groceries and can hunker down.