Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Blogging is sooooo complicated...

Trying to import (export? copy?) this blog into the blog on my Amazon author page. There used to be a unique blog there, but I guess they got rid of it.

Anyway, it asks me to put in the address to the feed. To me, "feed" is when I sit down to dinner. :-) I know in the vaguest sense that there are different types of feeds for different blogs. I believe this blog uses atom. (Which I learned about in high school science class. Hah.)

But. I have no idea how to find the correct address to use. So I took the blog address, added "atom.xml" to it as they showed in an example, crossed my fingers and gave it a shot. Supposedly it's done...we'll see if it works. I guess I'll know if/when this entry shows up on my Amazon page.

I desperately need a course in the technical aspects of blogging, creating and maintaining a website, creating book trailers, etc. Anyone have a great suggestion?

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