Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday Happies 7/30/10

Today is my son's 27th birthday, and that's a good reason right off the bat to be happy. He has a lovely wife, a great job, and a new house--he, and we, are very blessed.

We just returned from a family reunion/vacation. First stop was Hershey, where we met with many members of my mother-in-law's extended family. Naturally, we also toured the chocolate factory, and took advantage of the many activities Hershey has to offer. Here's a picture of my grandchildren having fun at Hershey Park:

Then, we headed for Gettysburg with just our daughters and grandkids to continue our vacation. Definitely less interesting to the younger set! But an important spot in history. It is indeed a somber place, with so much blood spilled everywhere.

We learned as much as we could before going, so we would understand what we were seeing. Some highlights included the Pennsylvania monument:

and my favorite monument of all, with an Irish Wolfhound on it:

It was terribly hot and humid, which pretty much knocked the stuffing out of me. I spent mornings doing various touristy activities, and afternoons hunkered down in the air conditioned hotel room.

The trip home was long but uneventful, and we're all happy to be unpacked and back to our normal routine. Especially happy is Koko, to be ransomed from the bird boarding facility and back in his own comfy cage!

Now it's back to work, but with many good memories to think back on.

Hope you have a fun trip planned this summer!

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